Why the Bulldogs Should Be Your Grand Final Team


The team of the mighty West, the Doggies, will take to Perth this Saturday for a crack at their third flag.

If you’re a neutral, this year’s battle for the flag is a match made in heaven, but we’re here to tell you there are numerous reasons why you should support the red, white, and blue on Grand Final day.

Footscray is a club rich in tradition, even if the majority of it has been bitterly disappointing.

Before 2016 the Dogs were lovable losers, but now we’re simple blue-collar underdogs that can’t be taken lightly.

If you’re looking for reasons to jump on the Bulldogs bandwagon, scroll on below!

Because ‘Wheels’ Was a Fan

Only true ‘90s kids would remember Derek ‘Wheels’ Wheeler rocking some vintage Footscray threads in the first season of Degrassi Junior High.

In a true throwback moment, Wheels donned a long-sleeve 1980s Bulldog VFL jumper in the episode “It’s Late”, much to the confusion of the Canadian fan base.

Because It Would Mark Merv Happy

That’s right, one of Australia’s fiercest fast bowlers is a fan of the Doggies.

Growing up in Werribee, Hughes fell in the love with the Dogs at an early age after watching former captain Laurie Sandilands dominate up forward.

A man of passion, Hughes isn’t afraid to call out some injustice when he sees fit.

Because They’ve Done it the Hard Way

Just like in 2016, the Dogs have done it tough.

Nobody gave them a chance after finishing the home-and-away season with three consecutive losses, but how could you not respect a team that has fought tooth and nail to arrive on the Grand Final stage?

Big win in Tassie = check.

Nail-biter at the Gabba = check.

Demolition job in Adelaide = check.

The Dogs have always been the battlers in the AFL, often taking pride in the fact they aren’t “cashed-up” like some of the big clubs.

If you love a good blue-collar success story, this is the club for you.

Because the Bont Doesn’t Deserve to Finish 2nd Twice

There’s no two ways about it – Sunday night was brutal.

The Bont was well-deserving of the Brownlow, and midway through, it looked as thought it just might happen.

Until Ollie Wines had other ideas.

One runner-up is enough. After a career year, the Bont, and the rest of the Dogs’ fan base deserves better.

Because Tom Liberatore Knows How to Celebrate

In case you’ve missed it, Libba’s Mad Monday fits are the stuff of legend.

After showing up to the pub in a dress, Libba made international headlines after the Dogs won the flag in 2016 when he ducked off to Vietnam to play in an amateur game with Luke Dahlhaus.

A half-time haircut and some mid-game beers were the highlight, and we’re keen to see more shenanigans from one of the most unique players in footy.

Because Adam Treloar Deserves to Win a Flag

It’s been a long 12-month rollercoaster for Adam Treloar.

After a four-year stint at Collingwood, the former Anzac Medallist was given the heave-ho in the final minute of last year’s trade period in what was a very difficult day for both sides.

Treloar has gone on to find plenty of success in the red, white, and blue, however, most notably enjoying a huge start to the season against his former club in Round 1.

At 28, this might be his final chance to win a flag, and after many stints on the sideline through injury, it’s tough to find many players more deserving.

Because Bailey Smith

He’s the heartthrob of every teenage girl on TikTok, and really, it’s not hard to see why.

The mullet, the smile, the skill.

Bailey Smith has quickly become one of the most exciting players to watch in the league, and after two stunning performances against the Lions and Port, how could you not cheer for him to win the flag in just his third season?

Because Dennis Cometti Made the Senior List

Dennis Cometti in the seat of the TV broadcast box at the new Dennis Cometti Media Centre at Optus Stadium. Picture: Mogens Johansen, The West Australian

In more ways than one, this year’s Grand Final is a cause for celebration.

Dennis Cometti called his last game on TV when the Dogs won the flag back in 2016, and he’ll look to wrap up his radio career in similar fashion on Sunday in Perth.

Not many people know, but Cometti actually made the senior list at Footscray back in 1971 but was unable to play due to injury.

The rest is history, but what better way to cap off an extraordinary career than by calling a Bulldogs game in his home state.