A Barstool Sports’ Chicago White Sox fan and blogger confronted actor John Cusack about his support of BOTH the city’s baseball teams yesterday.

I’m not sure how they do things in Chicago but it is sacrilege to hedge your bets each way and support whichever team is performing better at any given time.

It spits in the face of long suffering fans that have been through hell for long periods of time when their beloved team has failed to taste ultimate success for years.

We have put together this list of shameful celebrities that think it is okay to jump teams at will to suit them at the time.

Here are our Top 10 Celebrity Team Hoppers.


A fixture on the sideline of just about any basketball team that will have him, the rapper’s team of choice was the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, which makes sense given he was born in that city.

He has been on the sideline for several big games throughout the season, even trying to psyche out opponents in key moments.

During the 2014 All Star Dunk contest, Drake helped out Raptors player Terrance Ross with his effort.

That being said, he has struck up friendships with several big name athletes including LeBron James and Dwayne Wade, managing to get in on their title celebrations.

His basketball fandom has resulted in the University of Kentucky receiving a violation from the NCAA after he took a picture with one of the players in that program.

Snoop Dogg

One of the original team jumpers, Snoop Dogg does not discriminate about the jersey he wears.

A quick search on Google shows Snoop in multiple jerseys of teams from around the world including Man United, Arsenal, Calgary Flames, Montreal Canadiens, USC Trojans, Pittsburgh Steelers, LA Lakers, San Antonio Spurs and many more (seriously, go have a look).

Despite the jersey hopping, in recent years Snoop has admitted that he is in fact a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and not afraid to share his opinions on the team.


The Seattle Seahawks became an NFL powerhouse in 2012 and their number one fan during their recent period of success is “local boy” Macklemore.

He performed at halftime of the NFC Championship Game in the 2013 season when they went on to win the Super Bowl and is a big presence at a lot of home games.

Can you blame the guy for wanting to celebrate in the success of a team he has always followed and always loved?

Well you kind of can when photos come out of you wearing the gear of another team, in this case the Minnesota Vikings.

Macklemore has been seen in several different NBA jerseys as well, ranging from Boston to Chicago and Memphis, but given the Supersonics were moved out of Seattle he can have a pass on that.

Karl Stefanovic

Claiming to be a born and bred Queenslander, Stefanovic’s place of birth has been a popular topic among his Today show presenters.

Whether he is a true Queenslander or a late convert, it’s just fun to watch this video and imagine the conversation that took place to get him back to the studio.

John Cusack

We’ve already touched on Cusack.

Like many people, Cusack’s fandom springs from his youth in Chicago, a city with two baseball teams in the Cubs and the White Sox, two hated rivals.

Cusack however chooses to list himself as a fan of “Chicago Baseball” instead of picking one team and he tries to explain why in this interview with Larry King.

Naturally, that allowed him to be front and centre for the end of the Cubs 108-year title drought alongside other famous fans.

Imagine Noel Gallagher coming out and saying that he is supporting Manchester United because City had been eliminated from the F.A Cup.

He would promptly be tied up like a pig and shipped off the English mainland.

Justin Bieber

A “singer” that undoubtedly has a wardrobe full of jerseys from every team he has hopped on board with as a result of his fame.

Basketball is his sport of choice and he has featured in the NBA All Star Weekend in the past.

Outside of that, he loves to take a photo kitted out in teams locker rooms but superstitious fans might not want him involved.

At one point, there was the Curse of Bieber which doomed the playoff hopes of any team he dropped in on.


It’s unclear as to which team follows or how she got into the NBA in the first place, but she took over headlines during past NBA Finals Series.

A big fan of LeBron James, she riled up Golden State Warriors owner who gave her courtside seats by not so subtlety talking down to his team and good for her.

She has also been captured at home games around the league and just looks like she wants a good time regardless of who is playing.

It’s not just basketball however as she also loves her football, partying at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

John Cena

There must be a pattern with celebrities and jumping on board with different NBA Teams.

You would think that this video of John Cena in a Kobe Bryant LA Lakers jersey would seal the deal.

But as it so happens, there are also plenty of photos of the wrestler in a Boston Celtics jersey as well.

Even though the two teams are on opposite sides of the country, any fan who follows the NBA knows that those two franchises have a long running rivalry and wearing the others colours is considered blasphemous in either city.

Hulk Hogan

The WWE superstar was involved in a cool little pregame talk to the USA National Team before their FIFA World Cup contest against Germany.

What does kind of kill this impact is the fact he did basically the same video for the NFL’s New England Patriots five months before during their playoff run.

You have to admire the energy but come on Hulk, at least change up the scenery a little bit!

Greg Norman

The golfer was once the number one ticket holder at the Brisbane Bears in the early 1990’s, however he has kept all visual evidence of that off the internet.

What he couldn’t do however was keep this photo of him in a Richmond jersey in 1986 which raises questions about which team he is a fan of.