10 Things You Didn’t Know About Odell Beckham Jr


One of the more lively characters in the NFL is LA Rams receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

The 29 year old is on his third professional team and is about to play in his first ever Super Bowl after jumping ship out of Cleveland in November.

He’s never been out of the headlines for too long, but there’s plenty to learn about this mercurial talent.

There’s More To Him Than Just The One Handed Catch

By now we have all seen that famous one handed catch that sparked OBJ mania in his rookie season.

But making these insane, acrobatic catches are the norm for him and it’s something he continues to do throughout his career.

Will we see one of those on Monday morning?

Running Track Was in His Genes

They say being a multi-sport athlete is hugely beneficial and Beckham’s genetics should have pointed him towards track and field.

His father was a running back but his mother was an all star track athlete who was training for the 1992 Games when she fell pregnant with him.

He still could run hurdles by the looks of it.

There Was a Tough Choice Between Football and Futbol

There was another sport that came close to stealing OBJ away from the NFL and it is the world version of football.

According to reports, in his early teenage years, Beckham was close to emulating his namesake from Manchester United and was on the radar of the national team junior scouts, before settling on the local game to be closer to his family.

Perhaps the toughest question though was which position would he play, based on this evidence he would have been a spectacular goalkeeper.

But could he do it on a cold, rainy night in Stoke?

Come to think of it, he might just be a natural athlete.

He Was Just Another Guy In College

It might seem like an insult to say that Beckham wasn’t a standout in his time at LSU, but it’s more of a testament to his teammates that someone of his ability was just part of the program.

Such was the depth on offer, he even had to get on the field by returning kicks… which he was pretty good at.

Some of those players he played with include Jarvis Landry, Tyrann Mathieu, Brad Wing, Michael Brockers, Eric Reid, Mo Claiborne, La’el Collins, Danielle Hunter, Tre White, Jalen Mills, Kwon Alexander and a whole lot more talent that would go on to play in the NFL.

He Partied With Joe Burrow Two Years Ago

The ties these athletes have with their colleges run quite deep and you can always count on Beckham to show up for a big LSU game.

Two years ago after they won the national championship 42-25 over Clemson, Beckham was in the locker room handing out (allegedly fake) $100 bills to the amateur athletes, including one Joe Burrow who he will be hoping is nowhere near as ruthless in the Super Bowl as he was that night.

The Madden Curse Didn’t Apply

He won the vote to be on the cover of the Madden NFL video game for the 2016 edition, something that would make many athletes nervous.

As the youngest player ever to earn that honour, Beckham managed to avoid the Madden Cover Curse and set career highs in receiving yards (1450) and touchdowns (13) in the year that he was supposed to be cursed.

Bill Belichick Loves Him

There may not be two more polar opposite public figures in terms of personality but Bill Belichick has always admired what Beckham can do on the field.

It’s probably why he’s tried to acquire him at least three different times in his career.

When the Giants were initially looking to move Beckham on, Belichick made a hard push for him which prompted the Giants to keep the player and sign him to a lucrative deal, only to trade him the following offseason despite more interest from New England.

Then when he shot his way out of Cleveland last November, he decided to go to the Rams, but not before one more sales pitch from the hoodie.

Maybe one day he will get his man.

He Loves David Beckham

They are not related but you can understand why growing up Beckham loved the English superstar.

It’s Been a While Since He’s Been on a Boat

Remember when he and his Giants teammates went and partied on a boat in the week of a playoff game?

Yeah aside from the questionable wardrobe (if it’s cold enough for jeans and boots, perhaps you might need a shirt?), it also precipitated his exit out of the Big Apple, or really New Jersey because that’s where the Giants actually play.

But He Will Get In Front of a Camera

Chances are when he is done with his sporting career, OBJ will look to make the move to Hollywood.

He’s had guest spots as himself in an episode of Code Black and three Ballers episodes too while also showing up in a couple of music videos including this Drake clip.

If he wants to broaden his range, surely there’s a role for him in one of the 466 Marvel and Star Wars projects set to be released in the next nine months.