A few months later than we are all used to, the world’s biggest sporting event is once again here!

32 teams will descend on Qatar over the coming days to compete for the ultimate prize in international football, the Jules Rimet Trophy.

With 64 matches over 29 days, there is plenty of action to take in at the 2022 World Cup and we’ve got you covered with our mega-tournament preview.

Brazil will head into the opening round of matches as overall favourites to claim their nation’s sixth World Cup triumph but they’ll face plenty of stiff competition from the likes of Argentina, Spain and reigning champions France.

We’re breaking down every World Cup team’s chances and finding the best futures bets for football’s ultimate showcase.

Group A


To Qualify from Group: $4.50 | Win Group: $13 | Win World Cup: $251


To Qualify from Group: $1.91 | Win Group: $5.50 | Win World Cup: $126


To Qualify from Group: $1.91 | Win Group: $5.50 | Win World Cup: $81


To Qualify from Group: $1.10 | Win Group: $1.50 | Win World Cup: $13

Tournament hosts Qatar will occupy the first spot in Group A having qualified for their first ever World Cup Finals as hosts.

They, along with Ecuador and Senegal appear destined to be fighting to finish second in this group behind the Netherlands.

Up until a couple of weeks ago you would have given Senegal the best shot of advancing with their talent laden squad, however the injury suffered by Bayern Munich’s Sadio Mane could well doom their World Cup prospects.

Mane was named in Senegal’s 26 man squad for the tournament but like his former teammate Mo Salah four years ago, going into a World Cup under a massive injury cloud does not usually produce the best performances.

That then opens the door for one of the other two nations to come in and grab second spot.

Home nations at the World Cup tend to overachieve and while it might not result in a deep run, Qatar could be well positioned for a trip to the knockout phase if they can start strongly.

Their price to qualify appears to be a bit too high and are worth having a roll of the dice on.

As for how far the Dutch will go, it will largely come down to who their Round of 16 opponent is.

England and Wales will cause them some problems should they match up and with those two looking very likely to come out of that group, an earlier than expected exit for the Dutch could be on the cards.

Back Qatar to Qualify for the Knockout Stage @ $4.50

Back Netherlands to be Eliminated in the Round of 16 @ $3.25


Netherlands – 7 Points

Qatar – 5 Points

Ecuador – 3 Points

Senegal – 1 Point

Group B


To Qualify from Group: $1.10 | Win Group: $1.36 | Win World Cup: $8.00


To Qualify from Group: $3.50 | Win Group: $15 | Win World Cup: $501


To Qualify from Group: $2.00 | Win Group: $6.00 | Win World Cup: $101


To Qualify from Group: $2.00 | Win Group: $6.00 | Win World Cup: $151

The draw has done fans a massive favour throwing England and Wales together in Group B and this is shaping up as one of the more competitive ones.

Naturally England remain one of the tournament favourites after their strong showing at Euro 2020 in 2021, and Gareth Southgate has picked a surprisingly well balanced squad with a couple of fresh faces that could be pivotal as the tournament goes on.

Wales had to qualify the hard way through the UEFA playoffs but showcased a resiliency that will be very necessary in the trying conditions of this tournament, not to mention they still have Gareth Bale who is still a very good footballer and cannot be counted out.

As for the USA, there were a few surprises in their final squad and with nominal number one Matt Turner under an injury cloud, their goalkeeping situation may come back to bite them.

Iran does not have the globally recognised names of their counterparts but their biggest advantage will without a doubt come from the familiarity of playing a lot of football in this part of the world.

After all, the other three teams are bringing players over from the early stages of winter in their local leagues and Iran may be able to spring a surprise draw on England first up, even if they find themselves fading away as the bigger nations grow into the fixture list.

They may find themselves struggling after the first matchday, but England and Wales are the best bets for this group to go through and England making a deep run is also very much on the cards.

Should they solve their recent goalscoring woes, another trip to the Semi Final is a possibility as whoever tops this group could have an agreeable path through the Round of 16 and Quarter Final.

However for the last bet of the group, you have to have at least a little something on England being eliminated on penalties because, well… it is England after all.

Group B Dual Forecast: England and Wales to Advance @ $2.50

Back England to Reach the Semi Final @ $3.00

Back England to be Eliminated on Penalties @ $5.50


England – 5 Points

Wales – 4 Points

USA – 3 Points

Iran – 2 Points

Group C


To Qualify from Group: $1.06 | Win Group: $1.40 | Win World Cup: $6.50


To Qualify from Group: $7.00 | Win Group: $26 | Win World Cup: $501


To Qualify from Group: $1.91 | Win Group: $6.00 | Win World Cup: $101


To Qualify from Group: $1.91 | Win Group: $6.00 | Win World Cup: $101

Let’s not play around, this is Argentina’s group to win and the only thing to work out over the three matches is whether or not Lionel Messi and co will finish with maximum points.

They will need to be firing from the outset however with Saudi Arabia dreaming of an opening match upset as the Argentine side might take a bit of time to come together.

However with the difference makers at their disposal, a lackadaisical 1-0 win could be on the cards.

It should open the door for the winner of Poland and Mexico to put themselves in the box seat for a spot in the knockout phase and while Mexico has been able to rely on the heroics of Guillermo Ochoa in the past, it’s tough to see them being able to offer much in this tournament.

Having struggled for goals during qualifying, at least compared to some of their North and Central American rivals, Mexico could be a value bet for the lowest scoring team at the tournament.

Like just about every European nation heading into the tournament, Poland’s chances will not be determined by the calibre of their squad but their ability to quickly adapt to the tournament and get off to a strong start.

Robert Lewandowski is firing for Barcelona and he looms as a potential difference maker early on in the group stage.

It seems likely that the Matchday 3 fixture between Argentina and Poland could be a dead rubber with both teams able to qualify with a draw, which may be the only way Argentina does not finish with nine points.

Back Straight Forecast Argentina 1st, Poland 2nd @ $2.88

Back Mexico Lowest Scoring Team @ $26.00


Argentina – 7 Points

Poland – 5 Points

Saudi Arabia – 4 Points

Mexico – 0 Points

Group D


To Qualify from Group: $1.40 | Win Group: $1.08 | Win World Cup: $7.00


To Qualify from Group: $4.50 | Win Group: $12.50 | Win World Cup: $251


To Qualify from Group: $1.30 | Win Group: $3.75 | Win World Cup: $29


To Qualify from Group: $4.50 | Win Group: $15 | Win World Cup: $401

Alright this is the section you have probably skipped to right away to see what the forecast is for the Australians.

Whatever your opinion of the squad assembled, the tough part is to avoid betting with your heard and overcomplicating matters.

Perhaps the best thing you can say about the Socceroos is that there are very few expectations being placed on this team and that, along with the familiarity of playing crucial matches in Qatar during qualifying could allow them to thrive.

Since that win over Peru in June, we have seen Central Coast duo Jason Cummings and Garang Kuol introduced to the squad and they will provide a bit of a spark for a team that will need to find a reliable path to goal to have any chance of success.

Being drawn in the same group as France and Denmark does not help their chances at all and a third placed finish seems likely, but a small bet on them finding a way to advance is not the worst option.

Speaking of France, it has been a far from ideal build up for the reigning champions with more than enough things going wrong in the lead up to the tournament to suggest they might struggle.

Midfield duo Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kante who were instrumental in their triumph four years ago are both missing with injuries and the absence of Kante’s work rate in midfield does seem like something that will cause problems later in the tournament if not right off the bat.

Those are just a handful of players unavailable for Didier Deschamps, but there is still a remarkably talented squad going to Qatar with Kylian Mbappe, Karim Benzema and William Saliba all set to play big roles for him.

Should the French side struggle, Denmark appears to be the best placed side to capitalise and pinch Group D honours.

Inspirational midfielder Christian Eriksen will lead the side and as we saw in the Euro’s 18 months ago, this is a side that does not lack cohesion.

Topping the group would set the Danes up for at the very least a run to the quarter finals and possibly more depending on how their part of the draw plays out.

As for Tunisia, it’s tough to get a read on their squad however they do have a handful of players who are contracted to clubs in the Middle East so the acclimatisation may not be too tough for them.

However their qualifying record suggests that their main issue is scoring goals and that should put them behind the eight-ball here.

They will likely see the Australia match as their best chance for a win which means both sides will need to be on the ball from the outset there.

Back Denmark to Win Group C @ $3.75

Back Denmark to Reach the Quarter Finals @ $2.50


Denmark – 9 Points

France – 4 Points

Australia – 2 Points

Tunisia – 1 Point

Group E


To Qualify from Group: $1.07 | Win Group: $1.91 | Win World Cup: $9.00


To Qualify from Group: $13 | Win Group: $51 | Win World Cup: $501


To Qualify from Group: $1.10 | Win Group: $2.00 | Win World Cup: $11


To Qualify from Group: $3.50 | Win Group: $13 | Win World Cup: $251

Spain will be left wondering what they have to do to get a break from the draw organisers.

Four years after opening their tournament with a 3-3 epic against Portugal, now they will be forced to battle with Germany for top spot in their group.

Neither side is all that short of talent however it’s fair to say there is a bit of a rebuild taking place with new, young talent being offered a real opportunity to shine here.

Spain has the likes of Gavi, Pedri and Ansu Fati all ready to shine on the world stage while the Germans are going to be finding a balance between giving the likes of Thomas Mueller, Manuel Neuer and Mario Goetze a farewell while also allowing Jamal Musiala and company a chance to really breakout.

It’s tough to split these sides and what may separate them heading into the knockout stage could be the margin of victory over Japan and Costa Rica.

You can never count out the Japanese side and they will be looking to put their familiarity with the local surroundings to good use early on when they play Germany.

It was an uneven qualifying campaign for Japan but they did strengthen as the group stage went on and they should find a way to top Costa Rica and potentially capitalise on either European nation slipping up.

Costa Rica just scraped through the inter-continental playoffs and they do have some recognisable names in their squad including Keylor Navas from PSG, but up front appears to be their undoing with a lacklustre attack that looks like it will render them unable to compete with their Group E rivals.

Back Group E Straight Forecast: 1st Spain, 2nd Germany @ $2.38

Back Japan to Finish 3rd in Group E @ $1.91

Back Costa Rica 0 Group Points @ $3.50


Spain – 7 Points

Germany – 7 Points

Japan – 3 Points

Costa Rica – 0 Points

Group F


To Qualify from Group: $1.17 | Win Group: $1.62 | Win World Cup: $13


To Qualify from Group: $3.50 | Win Group: $11 | Win World Cup: $251


To Qualify from Group: $3.25 | Win Group: $11 | Win World Cup: $251


To Qualify from Group: $1.50 | Win Group: $3.25 | Win World Cup: $41

We’ve got another group with a pair of European teams that are expected to dominate proceedings here and that’s the outcome punters should be backing here.

Croatia came so close to completing a Cinderella run four years ago losing the final to France, but this is a squad that is four years older, something that is only a compliment to Luka Modric.

While there is no doubt this squad can compete with anyone, it’s tough to see them putting together enough consistent performances for a deep run, not to mention being paired against either Spain or Germany in the Round of 16 should they advance.

For Belgium though, the biggest question surrounding them is how they will handle the weight of expectations on this star studded squad.

It is now or never for their “golden generation” and with the inimitable form he has been in for Manchester City, Kevin de Bruyne has to star for his nation to have a deep run.

Whatever the outcome of group play, the Belgians will have to go through the knockout stage the hard way with no easy path on offer regardless of their finishing spot.

However should they find a way to top the group and be on a roll heading into the knockout phase there is no reason why they should not be backed to at least reach the semi finals if not more.

Back Group F Straight Forecast: Belgium 1st, Croatia 2nd @ $2.75

Back Kevin de Bruyne to Win the Golden Ball @ $17.00

Back Croatia to be Eliminated in the Round of 16 @ $2.50

Back Belgium to Reach the Semi Final @ $3.50


Belgium – 9 Points

Croatia – 6 Points

Canada – 1 Point

Morocco – 1 Point

Group G


To Qualify from Group: $1.08 | Win Group: $1.40 | Win World Cup: $5.00


To Qualify from Group: $1.91 | Win Group: $6.00 | Win World Cup: $101


To Qualify from Group: $1.91 | Win Group: $6.00 | Win World Cup: $81


To Qualify from Group: $3.75 | Win Group: $17 | Win World Cup: $251

We could go on and on about Brazil but the simple summary of their chances is that there is a very good reason they are heading into the tournament as favourites.

They have a squad that is rich with talent and depth, plus it has been 20 years since the nation won a World Cup, so the hunger is definitely there.

The only thing that will unravel their chances is if they buy into their own hype and think that the tournament is going to be won simply by showing up for their first match.

But with the leadership on hand from the likes of Dani Alves and the gamebreakers in every part of the pitch, Brazil have to be favourites heading into every match they play.

While the market is framing the race for second as a 50-50 shot between Serbia and Switzerland, the Swiss should have a slight edge based on their form over the past year.

A quarter final run at the Euros only came to an end on penalties and they have a squad that might not be the flashiest however it is unlikely many teams will outwork them on the pitch.

The one area they appear to be slightly behind Serbia in is up front in the goalscoring department and if the Dusan duo of Tadic and Vlahovic fire, they will be in with a chance.

It will likely all come down to their contest on the final matchday, but the edge has to go to the more complete squad.

As for Cameroon you never want to say never, especially with them boasting a side that has plenty of familiar names but they just don’t appear to be at the level of their group opponents.

Group G Straight Forecast: Brazil 1st, Switzerland 2nd @ $2.88


Brazil – 9 Points

Switzerland – 4 Points

Serbia – 3 Points

Cameroon – 1 Point

Group H


To Qualify from Group: $1.14 | Win Group: $1.62 | Win World Cup: $15


To Qualify from Group: $3.50 | Win Group: $11 | Win World Cup: $251


To Qualify from Group: $1.40 | Win Group: $2.80 | Win World Cup: $51


To Qualify from Group: $3.50 | Win Group: $12 | Win World Cup: $251

In what is going to be his final World Cup appearance, Cristiano Ronaldo will need to put his dramas in clubland behind him if he is going to fire Portugal to glory.

There is no doubt that in his mind he can still perform at the highest level but after barely playing for Manchester United this season, you do wonder how sharp he will be.

Thankfully Portugal is not totally reliant on Ronaldo’s heroics with plenty of alternative options to call upon in crunch time.

That should be good enough to get them through Group H on top, but it’s tough to see them having the tenacity to make a deep run and a quarter final berth could be the end of the line for them.

Uruguay will go into the tournament expected to finish second, however they will be facing some stiff competition from a South Korean side that boasts one of the game’s best attackers in Son Heung-Min.

Tottenham’s wide man almost missed out having injured his eye socket in the lead up to the tournament however with the aid of a face shield he will be good to go.

Factor in the South Korean’s familiarity with playing in the Middle East and they are a much better shot at advancing than their quote suggests.

Uruguay without a doubt has the firepower to challenge but if South Korea can get off to a fast start then the race will without a doubt be tipped in their favour.

As for Ghana, if it was not obvious already, the plan is to fade a lot of the African nations as it does not appear to be shaping up as a good tournament for them.

A solitary point could be all that they will be returning home with thanks to a tough draw that sees them open up against the Portuguese.

Back South Korea to Qualify from Group H @ $3.50

Back Portugal to Reach the Quarter Finals @ $1.91


Portugal – 7 Points

South Korea – 5 Points

Uruguay – 3 Points

Ghana – 1 Point

Tournament Top Goalscorer

Four years ago, Harry Kane won this award with six goals, five of which came in the group stage and half were from the spot.

While it may seem like a shot at the Tottenham striker and England captain, that is the sort of player you need to look for in the Golden Boot market.

The best options are going to be players that are the primary options for teams that will score a bunch in the group stage and are also their team’s penalty taker, someone who is even more valuable in the VAR era.

Overall, there is every chance we’re going to be in for a low scoring tournament, especially in the knockout stages owing in large part to the quick turnaround from the club seasons combined with the short break between matches which is not conducive for free flowing football.

It does bring into play a few options from teams that we might not be expecting a deep run in the knockout stages.

Reigning Ballon D’or winner Karim Benzema might be playing second fiddle to his superstar teammate Kylian Mbappe but the Real Madrid man always produces on the big stage and if France needs a goal, he is the one most likely to pop up with one.

Another team that might be in for a group stage fill up but won’t necessarily go on a deep run is the Netherlands who have landed in a very favourable group and could offer the likes of Memphis Depay a chance for a few early goals.

With 42 goals for the Dutch side to his name, including 23 in the last two years, the Barcelona flyer has been a reliable outlet for his team and a group stage hat-trick could be in the offering.

To round out the picture you have to back someone who is going to be in for a deep run in the tournament

Back Karim Benzema Top Goalscorer @ $11.00

Back Neymar Top Goalscorer @ $13.00

Back Memphis Depay Top Goalscorer @ $21.00

Tournament Predictions

If it was not obvious enough from the group preview, Brazil is the tip to win the World Cup, even if the odds as favourite might not be as big as some would like.

They have the best squad, plenty of depth and are motivated to end their two decade drought as World Champions.

Outside of their stars failing to fire, the only thing working against them could be a potentially tough knockout stage draw where they will (likely) face the Group H runner up, followed by the winner of Spain-Croatia in the Quarter Finals before a Semi Final showdown with Argentina.

For a bit of value we’ll throw in a couple of other tips as well, with Belgium offering some value in the double digit range while Denmark could be a dark horse in every sense at that price.

Outside of that there is not a lot to look into with a Euro-centric group of teams in the $5-$15 range, all of whom have major question marks over how they will go.

So for the trio of bets in this market, it’s Brazil’s to lose and for a bit of value, look at Belgium and Denmark.

Back Brazil to Win the World Cup @ $5.00

Back Belgium to Win the World Cup @ $13.00

Back Denmark to Win the World Cup @ $29.00