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Perfect Round

Perfect Round

Pool prize betting on AFL, NRL and more

What is Perfect Round?

Perfect round is a brand new Sports Pool betting product from Ladbrokes. To win, all you have to do is select the winning teams for all of the matches in a pool. If you are unsure about which team will win a match, you can select both teams and have a combination with each team to win.

How do I play Perfect Round?

It’s easy! All you have to do is go to our perfect round page, select who you think will win each match for that pool, enter a stake, and click “Place Bet”. If all of your selections win, you win your share of the prize pool based on your initial stake.

Step 1. Make Selections

Once you have selected a pool you want to bet on, tap selections of teams that you think will win their respective matches, remember if you choose both teams for a match that will be counted as two (2) combinations.

Step 2. Add Stake and Place Bet

The number of combinations you have selected will display in the middle of the pool footer. Once you're happy with your selections add a stake per combo on the left side and click the "Place Bet" button.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I don’t know who will win, can I pick both teams to win a match?

    Yes! If you are unsure of a match result you can pick both teams in your perfect round selections, however each of the selections will be unique and you will have to place a stake for each of them (in the Stake Per Combo field).

  • What happens if nobody picks a Perfect Round?

    If all of the correct winning outcomes for all games are not selected, Racing and Wagering Western Australia (“RWWA”) will divide 20% of the net prize pool amongst the entries that select the next highest number of correct results. The remaining 80% of the net pool will jackpot into an equivalent pool on a following week.

  • When does the betting close?

    The betting closes at the commencement of the earliest played game listed in the pool.

  • How does my stake affect my payout?

    Bets are settled to RWWA’s pari-mutual returns, which calculates the dividend payable by dividing the net pool (gross amount invested minus commission) by the number of units wagered upon the winning outcome. A single unit is $1.00, so if you stake $0.50, your payout dividend will be half.

  • Is there a minimum stake per combination?

    Yes, the minimum you can stake per combination is $0.50. We also require a stake per combination that is a multiple of $0.50.

  • Is there a maximum stake per combination?

    No, you will only be limited by the current available account balance.

  • Can I use Bonus Bets with Perfect Round?

    No, unfortunately you cannot use Bonus Bets with Perfect Round.