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How to use Player Bets

Player Bets

Build your own prop bets based on player statistics

Instant odds on custom markets.

Ladbrokes punters now have millions of markets available to bet on player performance in the world’s top sports leagues. 

There’s two ways to bet. You can simply choose a player, then the individual statistic that you think they will beat. Or choose two players and match them up head-to-head in a statistical category.

Messi to have more shots than Ronaldo? King James to dish more dimes than Chef Curry? Dangerfield with more disposals than Fyfe? You choose the players and the bet!

Your odds are displayed instantly, and you can even multi them up.

It’s the most powerful sports betting tool in Australia!

Bet on players you know and trust!

Play Now

Step 1. Pick Your Player

Navigate to one of the available sports and select or search for a player.

Step 2. Choose your statistic

Choose between statistics and head to head to configure your ideal player bet.

Step 3. Add Players

You can add a second player to your bet by clicking the plus symbol next to their name.

Step 4. Add to Betslip and Place Bet

Once you’re happy with your selections and odds, click the “Add to Betslip” button, once your bets have been added to the Player Bets Betslip; add your stake and confirm your bets.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are singles paid as a winner if the player hits exactly their target?

    Single bets are paid as winners if your player hits their target.  For example, if you have a player to have 3 or more goals, your bet is paid as a full winner if that player kicks 3 goals.

  • How can I track the progress of my bet?

    You can track the progress of your bet in real time by clicking on the “My Bets” button at the bottom of the Build Your Bet area.

  • What happens in a head to head in the event of a tie?

    Head to Head bets are non-winners in the event of a tie because the bet condition is for player A to have more than player B. There is no return for a tie.

  • Can I multi these bets?

    Yes! Just add more than one Player Bets single bet into the Player Bets Betslip and you can bet on all of them to win at multiplied odds. Multi bets shall not be accepted where the outcome of one part of the bet is contingent on the outcome of another.

  • Can I use bonus bets?

    No, unfortunately you cannot use bonus bets to place Player Bets.

  • Where does the data come from?

    The statistical data comes from: Champion Data for AFL/NRL; Opta for Euro football; STATS Inc for US sports.

  • When will bets be resulted?

    Bets are resulted once the official statistics have been released from the providers, this can take between 25-45 minutes from the conclusion of the match.

  • What happens if one of my players does not participate?

    In the event that one or more of the players in any single, combined or head to head bet does not participate, the bet will be voided and your stake will be returned.