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Ride Guide

Evolution of the form guide

Access Pre-Race footage from Australia's Leading Jockeys

Introducing Ride Guide

Introducing Ride Guide, the next evolution of the form guide. By watching Ride Guide videos, you can access valuable insights from jockeys visualising how the race is expected to play out from the barriers to the winning post. Some of Australia’s leading jockeys will discuss their unscripted thoughts on matters such as likely track conditions, the barrier, where they would like to settle in the run, likely impact of other runners, pre-race instructions and the form of the horse they will be piloting.

With videos released the day before major Victorian race meetings, Ride Guide gives punters the opportunity to take their form study to a new level and make better decisions with words straight from the jockey’s mouth.

There are currently no videos available. Ride Guide videos will be available the day prior to selected race meetings.

There are currently no videos available.

Where To Find Ride Guide

Race Card & Expanded Form

Watch the videos on any desktop or mobile device by clicking the Ride Guide play button on the jockey silk found next to each runner on the race card. Clicking the runner's name right of the silk will load the expanded form where you can also access Ride Guide videos.


InfoHub is your gateway to a wealth of information about runners and markets at your fingertips. InfoHub automatically displays by turning your phone from portrait to landscape view on any race card page.

All videos for that race can be easily accessed on the Ride Guide or Form Guide page available from the main InfoHub navigation page.

Today's Racing

Navigate to the main racing page and look for the Ride Guide icon to see which races are offering jockey videos. Click through to the race card page to select a runner and watch the Ride Guide video.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Ride Guide videos available for every race?

    Ride Guide will be available for selected Victorian horse racing meetings.

  • When are Ride Guide videos made available to watch?

    Ride Guide videos will be made available the afternoon of the day prior to a selected race meeting.

  • How many videos will be available to watch?

    Ride Guide videos will be available for the majority of runners at the top of the market, at selected Victorian race meetings. Further locations may be added in the future.

  • Is Ladbrokes responsible for what Jockeys say?

    Ride Guide videos are provided for your entertainment only. All comments are unscripted and Ladbrokes provides no warranty as to the accuracy of the information in the Ride Guide videos. You should not rely on it without independent verification.

  • How can I tell which races have Ride Guide videos?

    Races where videos are available will include a Ride Guide icon next to the track name on the main Racing list page. Click on the race name to navigate to the race card to watch the video.

  • What should I do if the video won't load?

    Video functionality isn't supported on certain old browsers and mobile devices. You will need to view the video on newer devices or browsers that support video.

Disclaimer Ladbrokes provides no warranty as to the accuracy of the information in the Ride Guide videos