NBA Odds 2016/17

NBA odds on the National Basketball Association pro-tournament in America each season are open all year around and provide fans of the sport the chance to back the best ballers in the business!

The current 2016/17 NBA season betting markets are available on everything from the NBA Championship Winner to the NBA Conference Winners.

Outright betting on the NBA Championship Winner is the most popular of all NBA odds and will be determined when the NBA Finals series takes place in June between the two Conference champions.

The other all-in basketball odds open on the NBA are those on the 2016/17 Eastern Conference NBA Winner and 2016/17 Western Conference NBA Winner.

The NBA Conference Champions will be known during the NBA Playoffs in the third round – the Conference Finals.


  • Golden State Warriors – $1.33
  • Cleveland Cavaliers – $3.25

*Correct as of May 26, 2017.


There are also plenty of basketball betting opportunities each round on the full line-up of NBA matches. See below for some of the most common NBA bet types and basketball betting markets open throughout the season.

Head-to-Head NBA Odds

Head-to-head betting is open on all NBA matches including those played during the NBA Finals Series. Basically a price is offered on each of the two teams facing off for them to win the match. The shorter priced team in the NBA head-to-head odds are known as the favourites and are considered the best chance of winning. Longer NBA odds are then on offer for their opponents – the underdogs. Of course if the NBA season record and statistics are similar, teams can start equal in betting.

NBA Line Betting

Also known in America as “spread betting” the Line markets are usually listed alongside the head-to-head NBA Odds. Essentially line betting is handicapping the team considered favourites by the bookmakers. A number of points is assigned that the favourite NBA team “takes” from the final match score and the underdog “gives”. For example if the line read:

  • Boston Celtics -5.5

The Celtics would have 5.5 points subtracted from their final score and then compared to their opponent. If they still won the game after the subtracted Line then the bet pays off at better NBA odds than the standard head-to-head markets.

NBA Total Points Over / Under

One of the other three major bet types on the NBA, Total Points markets offer a price for each team to score either “over or under” a nominated number of points in a game. The favourites are listed with an “over points” target and the underdogs an “under points” margin.

NBA Winning Margins

When betting on the NBA winning margin you are taking odds on how many points a team will win the game by. NBA margin odds are offered for both teams and are usually listed as: 1-2, 3-6, 7-9, 10-13, 14-16, 17-20 or 21+ points.

1st & 2nd Half Betting on the NBA

NBA betting can be enjoyed not just on the overall result of the game but also on each quarter or half. Examples of popular NBA odds in this area include:

  • 1st / 2nd Half Race to 10 Points
  • 1st / 2nd Half Total Points Scored
  • 1st / 2nd Half Total Points Odds/Even

First Listed NBA Player to Score 10 Points

This is a promotional NBA betting market available at Ladbrokes and lists a number of key NBA players in a game along with a price for them to be the first (of the nominated players) to score 10 points for their team.

NBA Super Stars Betting

Another exciting promotional basketball betting offer from Ladbrokes, the NBA Super Stars odds name a key player from each team along with a price for them to score a certain number of points in the match and for their team to go on and win.