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Ladbrokes Cash-In

If you want the flexibility of depositing cash straight into your betting account, Ladbrokes Cash-In is perfect for you. In just a few seconds, you can deposit cash into your Ladbrokes account at over a thousand participating newsagents across Australia using either your smart phone, desktop computer and printer or a pre-paid card that can be purchased in store!

Cash-In to your Ladbrokes account in three simple steps

Step 1

Press New Deposit to
start the process

Step 2

Fill in the amount & press Create Deposit Code

Step 3

Show your code to the newsagent to scan

Prepaid Card

The Ladbrokes Cash-In Prepaid card is now available at participating Newsagents. This card allows you to deposit whenever you want without using your credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Cash-In?

    Deposit better with the latest first-to-market product from – Cash-In. With Cash-In, you can make a deposit via cash or credit card directly into your online betting account in store.

  • Where is Cash-In Available?

    Cash-In is available at participating newsagencies across Australia. With Cash-In, you can find your closest newsagent via the Ladbrokes mobile app.

  • How do I use Cash-In?

    You can deposit money into your betting account using Cash-In via the Ladbrokes mobile app or mobile website. Simply follow the step-by-step guides below:

    1. Decide the amount you want to deposit and enter it into your Ladbrokes mobile app.
    2. You'll be given a unique QR code and the location of your nearest participating newsagencies.
    3. Tell the operator you want to make a Ladbrokes deposit and scan your QR code using the iPad terminal located on the counter.
    4. Pay via cash or credit card. Your account balance will update automatically.
  • What do I need to take with me to use Cash-In?

    All you need to take with you to a participating newsagency is the unique QR code, which will be on your mobile app and cash/credit card to pay your deposit amount.

  • How long do I have to wait for my funds to appear in my account?

    Whichever way you choose to deposit, your account will update with the tendered amount automatically as soon as the transaction is completed.

  • What other ways can I use Cash-In?

    Cash-In isn't restricted to existing customers topping up their accounts, you can sign-up for a new account in store or even purchase a Ladbrokes Prepaid Card.

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