Leave Firming in UK European Referendum Betting Markets

  • One week remains until United Kingdom holds referendum regarding future in the European Union
  • Ladbrokes Australia opens a variety of UK European Referendum betting markets  

There is only one week until Britain returns to the polling booths to decide whether or not they will remain a part of the European Union, and Ladbrokes Australia have launched a number of betting options regarding the decision.

The United Kingdom is a proud sovereign state and an integral member of the European Union and as a result, Britain voting to REMAIN a part of the EU has been installed as an outright $1.62 favourite.

The ‘Remain’ in the European Union movement, driven most notably by current UK Prime Minister David Cameron, have based their stance on everything from the beneficial trade deals encompassed within the EU to environment and agriculture benefits.

UK Exit Odds Recently Gaining Momentum

Ladbrokes Australia bookmaker Tony Wilmot said that while maintaining as a clear favourite, the ‘Remain’ betting option has received only little interest so far.

“We opened the ‘remain’ option at shorter $1.40 odds, but that quote has only continued to drift as the ‘exit’ movement has gained momentum,” Wilmot said.

“England and Wales are clearly going to be the most marginal countries, but Scotland and Northern Ireland’s resounding support for remaining part of the EU means the overall ‘remain’ option is a deserved favourite.”

Transversely, Britain voting to leave the EU in what has been widely dubbed ‘Brexit’ currently figures as a $2.25 outside chance in the Referendum betting markets at Ladbrokes.

Popular political personality Boris Johnson is at the forefront of the argument to LEAVE the EU; for which arguments are largely set around the lack of necessity to be formally linked to the greater European community.

“So far, the ‘Leave’ option has actually attracted the greatest share of attention; cutting in from opening odds of $2.75 to the currently-available quote,” Wilmot said.

“Our punters have clearly recognised the traction the exit arguments have gained through the last week and have reacted accordingly.

“The undecided community is definitely going to have a big effect not only on the result of the referendum, but also the betting markets.”

The last time the UK took a vote on their position in the EU was in 1975. West Ham claimed the FA Cup and Manchester United gained promotion back to the First Division – how times have changed!

Ladbrokes is offering a wide range of betting options for the United Kingdom’s EU Referendum; including everything from how each of the four countries will vote to the percentage of the population that will turn out on polling day.

Whether you’re a British expat, law and politics buff or want to back your opinion, have your say in Ladbrokes’ 2016 EU Referendum markets today!

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