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2022 French Open Preview

The 2022 French Open is shaping as one of the more fascinating grand slams in recent memory, with a teenager diverting attention away from two legends and a 20-year-old installed…


Tennis is one of the few sports that is popular right around the world and continues to grow rapidly in Europe and Asia. Tennis in Australia went through a rough patch in the past five years due to a lack of top players, but a slew of rising players has helped the sport regain traction with the Australian public and the crowd figures as well as television ratings have been extremely strong.

Tennis has always been a very popular betting sport because there are so many professional matches every single week and there is extremely large amounts of money gambled on matches that aren’t even played in top tier events. Head to Head betting remains the most popular form for tennis punters, but there are over 100 betting markets available on certain tennis matches and markets like set betting, handicap betting, individual game betting and over/under betting have grown in popularity in recent years.

Tennis continues to grow as a sport that is favored by punters around the world and new forms of statistical analysis that is available means that dedicated punters have the opportunity to win betting on the sport every single week.