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Highest Scores in Sheffield Shield History

There is no larger middle finger in sport than a batting side piling on an unnecessary amount of runs and refusing to declare. For a batting side it is almost…


If any sport is worthy of the title of Australia’s national sport it is Cricket and the game continues to grow in properly right around the world. Cricket has been a staple of the Australian summer since the first recorded match took place in Sydney in December of 1803, but the game has continued to evolve through the generations.

There is a long history between cricket and betting, which dates right back to the early 1800s, but betting on cricket has absolutely has exploded in the past decade especially following the advent of Twenty20 cricket. We generally have a massive hold on any major cricket game that is held anywhere in the world and there are now a staggering number of betting markets available as we offer betting types like most sixes scored, leading run-scorer, man of the match and even head to head betting markets between individual batsmen.

The rise of Twenty20 cricket and particularly the Indian Premier League has increased the globalization of the game and punters can easily find betting markets for any cricket game taking place right around the world.

While the massive popularity of cricket betting has led to the odd match-fixing scandal, the ICC anti-corruption unit has been an industry leader in stamping that sort of behavior out of the game and cricketers are among the most well-educated sports people when it comes to avoiding characters looking to bringing the game into disrepute.