NBL Odds

NBL odds on the 2022/23 Championship were led by the defending champs, the Sydney Kings, who saluted for the punters securing their fifth title against the New Zealand Breakers in the Grand Final Series in March, 2023. 

NBL odds are popular across the summer – autumn season and include outright basketball betting markets on the annual NBL Champions. Even before the season gets underway, punters and basketball fans can back their favourite NBL Team to take out the Championship at generous prices.NBL Odds

As the season kicks off and progresses, the NBL betting markets on each club shorten or lengthen depending on how they perform and where they sit on the NBL Ladder after each round in the regular season.

These outright betting odds on the NBL Championship Winner are the most popular of all NBL odds and result once the NBL Finals Series concludes in late March.

The most sought after NBL odds are those on the NBL Finals Series, which is also when bookies open their best NBL betting specials, but there are also NBL betting odds available on the season’s award winners with markets on winners of the MVP and Rookie of the Year.

Check out our weekly updates on the 2022/23 NBL Season for Round-by-Round basketball betting tips on which NBL teams to back and when to take advantage of NBL line betting below along with the latest NBL odds on offer.





Across the season there is a plethora of other popular basketball bet types on the full line-up of NBL matches. Some of the most common are explained below.

NBL Regular Season Champions

This is a futures / outright NBL bet type that offers odds on each club to finish No. 1 in the standings and secure the Regular NBL Season Championship title. Punters don’t have to wait until the conclusion of the season for this bet type to result as was the case in the 2016/17 season when the Adelaide 36ers secured their position and No. 1 NBL Playoffs seeding during Round 16.

NBL Teams to Make the Finals Series

This NBL betting markets allows fans to predict which teams will top the NBL Ladder at the end of the regular season and secure a spot in the NBL Playoffs for a shot at the title. The top four NBL teams at the end of the regular season are also seeded 1 – 4 for the Playoffs and these standings help determine home court advantage heading into the basketball semi-finals down under.

Head-to-Head NBL Odds

One of the most common of all sports betting, head-to-head offers are offered on all NBL matches during the season including the Finals and Grand Finals series. NBL odds are given for each team with the bookmakers essentially predicting the result of the match. The shorter of the two teams are considered the best chance of winning and are referred to as the “favourites”. The underdogs are their opponents offered at a longer price to score an upset victory.

NBL Line Betting

Line betting is another very popular NBL betting option and gives punters slightly more generous odds than the head-to-head markets. The favourites in a match are assigned a number of points by the bookmakers that you must take from the final match score in order for them to still be considered the winners for this bet. Alternatively you can back the underdogs to give the same determined number of points before they can win. For example if the line read:

  • The Hawks -3.5

The Hawks would have 3.5 points subtracted from their final match score and then compared to their opponent. Once the “Line” is subtracted, if the Hawks are still the winners, then the bet pays out.

Total Points

Total points betting is usually displayed alongside the head-to-head and line NBL odds with the favourites allocated having to score “over” a number of points (e.g. 170.5 points) to win for the punters, while the underdogs have to win under the same nominated total points to be successful.

First Half / Quarter Betting

Half & Quarter Markets are also popular with NBL fans and offer head-to-head pricing on what team will be ahead on the NBL scoreboard at the conclusion of the first half or quarter. There are also big NBL odds on offer for a “draw” at each time increment with an even score.

First Half Total Points Odd/Even

As well as predicting which team will be leading at the first half of an NBL match, odds are also offered on whether the total points on the board will be an odd or even number. With a 50/50 shot at an even or odd score, the same price is usually listed for each result.