Greatest Brownlow Medal Moments


The two Preliminary Finals are in the books and the two Grand Finals teams have been decided, so that only means one thing – it is time for the Brownlow Medal.

The AFL Grand Final itself is great and the Grand Final Parade is always a treat, but Brownlow Medal is easily my favourite part of AFL Grand Final week.

There is truly nothing not to like about the event – the event is packed full of good looking women, blokes getting on the turps and an overexcited Bruce declaring his love for Cyril Rioli.

The Brownlow Medal produces memorable moments and we have come up with a list of what we believe are the greatest moments in the history of the great event!

Brendan Fevola Gets Blind

No list of Brownlow Medal moments would be complete without the video of a blind Brendan Fevola running amok at the 2009 edition of the event.

Fevola kicked plenty of goals throughout his career and he won the Coleman Medal on two occasions, but I believe that The Fevoluition’s antics in this video will go down as the real legacy of his AFL career.


Cooney Kisses Gary Ablett

There is always plenty of man-love during the Brownlow Medal count and after 20 rounds of votes and beers there are a number of blokes that can’t keep their hands off each other.

Adam Cooney took this man-love to another level during the 2009 edition of the Brownlow Medal when he gave Gary Ablett Junior a kiss on his chrome dome after he took out his maiden Brownlow Medal.


Rebecca Twigley’s Dress

The WAGS have turned into the major part of the Brownlow Medal in recent years and we can trace this newfound dominance to one particular dress that was worn by Rebecca Twigley – the then girlfriend of Chris Judd.

The dress did not leave a great deal of imagination and it turned Twigley from a complete nobody into a genuine celebrity and the Queen of the AFL Wags.


A Bloke Nobody Has Heard Of Wins 2000 Brownlow Medal

Some of the biggest names in the history of the AFL have won the Brownlow Medal and the likes of Dick Reynolds, Bill Hutchinson, Bob Skilton, Malcolm Blight, Robert DiPierdomenico, Tony Lockett, Gerard Healy, Jim Stynes, Michael Voss, Adam Goodes, Chris Judd and Gary Ablett Junior all have their name on the honour roll.

Andrew McLeod or Anthony Koutoufides looked set to join this illustrious list in 2000, but the AFL umpries elected to give the Brownlow Medal to some bloke named Shane Woewodin, who had apparently played for the Demons throughout the season.


Matthew Scarlett Falls Asleep

The Brownlow Medal can sometimes be a dull affair and it did not surprise us that a big bloke like Matthew Scarlett opted to get a bit of shut-eye during the 2005 edition.

We can’t help but admire how quickly Scarlett was able to switch back on and take care of his drinking obligations.


Corey McKernan Wins But Is Ineligible

We don’t normally like to make light of the misfortune of others, but I often find myself rooting for a suspended player to win the Brownlow Medal just to see how they keep themselves composed throughout the night.

Corey McKernan would have shared the 1996 Brownlow Medal with Michael Voss and James Hird if he had not been suspended during the season and thankfully channel seven had camera on hand to capture his reaction, while he lying on a bean bag enjoying the count.


Andrew Demetriou Reads Wrong Round

Andrew Demetriou always struggled his way through the Brownlow Medal count – have a listen to how he tried to pronounce the name of Daniel Giansiracusa, but his finest moment came at the 2008 Brownlow Medal.

Demetriou could not even blame tiredness or drunkenness when he read out the wrong set of votes for the opening round of the season and almost ruined the entire night for everybody.


Homer Simpson Wins The First Annual Montgomery Burns Award For Outstanding Achievement In The Field Of Excellence

I have started a campaign to rename the Brownlow Medal The First Annual Stephen Dank Award For Outstanding Achievement In The Field Of Excellence, but so far it is yet to get off the ground.


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