Paul Gallen vs Barry Hall Preview


Retired NRL superstar turned Heavyweight Paul Gallen will take on retired AFl superstar and ex Sydney Swans Premiership captain Barry Hall in Melbourne on Friday 15th November.

This is one of the more intriguing boxing bouts that we have seen in Australia for quite a while. Clearly not for the class of the bout but for the two opponents that will take to the ring.

Both have had their haters throughout their playing careers and both have had their fair share of fights on the field. They are both also more than capable with the gloves on inside the ring as well.

It’s a fight that has been talked about for quite some time and it’s finally time to settle the debate of who has the hardest and best fighter. AFL or NRL? We’ll find out on Friday night.

Gallen vs Hall Betting

It is no surprise that Paul Gallen goes into this fight as the favourite having already had nine fights in his short boxing career. He is undefeated in all nine fights including a TKO of John Hopoate.

Paul Gallen is currently the $1.67 favourite in head to head betting and he is favoured to win to fight by KO or TKO at $2.75.

If he requires the judges decision to win, you can currently have $3.75.

Barry Hall is currently $2.15 to beat Gallen in his fight fight inside the boxing ring and $3.50 to win by KO or TKO.

The market suggests it will be tough for the unknown Hall to win if the fight goes the distance and he is currently $5.50 to win via a decision.

How Gallen Can Win.

It is no fluke that Gallen has won all nine of his boxing fights in his career to date.

He is a big, hard hitting fighter with a solid defensive boxing technique. We can not down play his experience and how big an impact this will have in this fight against a guy who steps into the ring for the first time.

He proved he is not just a brawler when he took on the hard hitting John Hopoate in Sydney back in February winning the fight in just the second round.

Although that win was impressive, Hopoate is 45 years of age and was not in the best of shape. This is a much tougher assignment.

Gallen will be best suited using his experience and moving freely around the ring, picking his punches and using his jab to score points whilst Hall gets a feel for the tempo of the fight and accustoms himself to the ring.

If he can score early on in the fight and pinch the first couple of rounds, he can free himself up and take the pressure off in the concluding rounds.

How Hall Can Win?

Barry Hall may not have had any fights inside the ring but he’s had plenty on the footy ground.

It’s impossible to establish whether he can actually throw a decent punch when viewing his fights on the footy field because most of them have been behind the play when the recipient of the punch was not looking!

What people are probably not aware of is that Barry Hall moved to Melbourne at the age of 12 to pursue a career in boxing and he had an enormous amount of talent with the gloves on.

He had 15 fights by the age of 15 and he actually won a state title.

For as long as Barry Hall has been playing footy, and belting people in the process, we have wondered what it would be like to see him in the ring. For the longest time we thought he was destined for a long career with the boxing gloves on however it never eventuated. We finally get to see how he goes and his first test is not an easy one!

Hall has a big reach advantage on Gallen being the taller man and from all the footage I have seen he has a very good jab and throws a good combination.

I have seen recent footage of Hall in training and he looks very fit. He made Gallen agree to only two minute rounds which the 42 year old can use to his advantage and be very active in that time.

Our Prediction

We have waited a long time to see Barry Hall inside the boxing ring and from all reports (and weight of money) he is in with every chance to win this fight on Friday night.

It is a very hard fight to try and predict but it’s clear that Hall is more than just a thug.

Hall was a gut runner when he was an AFL player and his cardio was one of his best attributes so I think the two minute rounds is a big advantage against the shorter, stockier and slower Paul Gallen.

I think the fight will go the distance and there is a lot more upside in backing Hall than there is Gallen.

Hall may just come out swinging and end this early as well.

Best Betting Plays

Back Barry Hall To Win by Decision @ $5.50

Back Barry Hall to win in Round 2 @ $17.00

Tips, recommendations and commentary are for entertainment only. We provide no warranty about accuracy or completeness. You should make your own assessment before placing a bet.