For many, it’s a love/hate relationship with the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

On one hand, you can’t help but admire the club and the people involved in one of the most iconic sporting teams in the country.

On the other, you can’t stand them. They are bloody everywhere and like actual bunny rabbits, they just keep popping up from nowhere.

If you’re looking for a team to get behind ahead of Sunday’s NRL Grand Final, I’ve been given the task to convince you why you should sway red and green and be singing Glory Glory come the final whistle.

Let’s see if these arguments won’t convince you…

Because Adam Reynolds

The Souths captain is leaving for the Brisbane Broncos (proudly sponsored by Ladbrokes) next season, and wouldn’t becoming a two-time Souths premiership player be a way to leave on a high note?

Reynolds, who has been Souths skipper for two seasons played in the clubs famous 2014 triumph and is one of three players along with Alex Johnston and Tom Burgess who will aspire to get another premiership ring on their finger come Sunday night.

A local heart and soul Redfern boy, Reynolds has opted for life at the Broncos with the four-year contract on offer but will always be a favourite son of the mighty red and green.

While Reynolds will go into the Grand Final with a niggling groin injury, he insists he’ll play through the pain in what could be one of the more inspiring performances on Rugby League’s biggest day.

Because Benji Marshall

The former Wests Tigers skipper was dumped at the end of last season but was given a lifeline by the one and only Wayne Bennett to join the boys at Redfern.

A premiership player for the Tigers back in 2005, Marshall will play in the second Grand Final of his career in what is truly one of the more remarkable careers in the NRL.

Marshall told the ABC this week, that yet again Wayne Bennett, along with his wife are the ones that believed in him and made him keep on keeping on

“I wasn’t sure what I was going to do last year. My wife said why don’t you give Wayne [Bennett] a call – he’s saved your career once before,”

Will Sunday night be the 36-year-old’s final game and finish off as a South Sydney premiership player or will he go around again in 2022?

If there’s one player to get behind in this Grand Final, it’s gotta be Benji.

Because Wayne Bennett

The master coach will finish up at the Rabbitohs on Sunday night, potentially as a premiership coach for yet another side.

Bennett becomes the first coach to take FOUR different clubs to the Grand Final, not to mention all of his State of Origin genius with the Queenslanders.

Many suspect he’ll become the coach of the new Queensland NRL expansion side, and while he and the Broncos aren’t best of friends these days, he’s been responsible for the happiest days of many a Rugby League supporter’s life.

He’s nowhere near done yet.

Because Glory Glory

One of the more iconic club songs in Rugby League, “Glory Glory to South Sydney” is an epic tune.

An underrated feature is the verses that diss their opposition clubs.

Because Russell Crowe

Say what you like about old Rusty, but the bloke is deadset fair-dinkum when it comes to the Bunnies.

Putting hours of his own time and money into the club, many regard Russ as one of the saviours of the club.

Also, you don’t want to get on the wrong side of him, as proven on South Park.

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Because Just About Everyone Who’s Famous Barracks for Souths

From Russ to Tom Cruise, Ray Martin, Andrew Denton…bloody, even Mike Whitney from Who Dares Wins (also played Cricket for Australia) are notable Souths supporters.

There’s also a whole gallery on the Souths website of famous people getting behind the Bunnies such as Jamie Oliver and Oprah Winfrey, to Ben Affleck, Stephen Fry and Snoop Dogg.

If celebrity endorsements are your thing, South Sydney is the team for you.

South Sydney Rabbitohs - A proud club that would not die

Because they were booted out of the comp 21 years ago

The story of how South Sydney got kicked out of the comp, reinstated and then went on to win a premiership 12 years later is one of the more truly remarkable in world sport.

No fan base has experienced the lows and highs quite like South Sydney, and it wasn’t that long ago the League thought it was a good idea to not have them part of the competition.

It might be a big business Rugby League, but Souths fight to get back in the comp reminded everyone that it’s still the peoples game.

Because Phil Gould

Imagine watching the Channel 9 broadcast with old mate Gus cracking the sads because his beloved Panthers are losing back-to-back Grand Finals, then hope for a South Sydney win.

If Schadenfreude is your thing, then South Sydney is your team.