LADBROKES Australia has scored another big-time technology win with the approval of its unique Ladbrokes app for the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch will launch in Australia on Friday, April 24 – and Ladbrokes has again delivered on time for punters.

Ladbrokes Australia Chief Information Officer Scott Hutchens said: “Our new app is in the app store – ready and approved for the launch of the Apple Watch.”

The app was developed by the same Ladbrokes technology team, based in Brisbane, that delivered the Ladbrokes Payment Card.

“Our technology focus at Ladbrokes is on innovation for our punters,” Hutchens said.

“We have seen the rise of mobile to the point where it is now more than 50% of total turnover – with the phone the primary device.

“The Apple Watch becomes another device to engage with our customers for more than just novelty. The Apple Watch extension communicates with the main Ladbrokes iOS App, and will enable customers to actually bet directly from their wrist. It is unprecedented design and the simplest betting interface in the world.”

Ladbrokes Australia Chief Marketing Officer James Burnett said the latest version of the app, which was made ready for the Apple Watch in a four-week turnaround, was another example of being first in innovation.

“We are leaders in innovation across all parts of our business – and our products show this,” Burnett said.

“We were first with the Ladbrokes Payment Card, which has made every ATM in Australia a Ladbrokes payout machine, and now we’re first with the app ready for Apple Watch.”

To update or download the latest version of the Ladbrokes iOS app, ready for Apple Watch, go to the app store.

Ladbrokes Apple Watch App Interface