Classic Crowd Catches


The Big Bash is back and you know what that means – light-up bails, awful uniforms, nightly visits to KFC for an Ultimate Burger Meal and Classic Crowd Catches.

The summer of Classic Crowd Catches got off to an absolute ripper when an Australian hero pulled off an impressive backhand effort at the Sydney Sixers vs Sydney Thunder game last night and we are confident that the bar will be raised throughout the 2015/2016 Big Bash competition.

We are fairly easily distracted here at the Ladbrokes blog, especially during cricket season, and we have spent the day looking up the best crowd catches – not just from cricket but a variety of other sports.

There are some deadset stunners in this list, but what catch was the best? Let us know in the poll below!

Random Aussie Cricket Fan Inspires This List


Bunch Of Lunatics Win $100,000 At The Cricket World Cup

Tendai Mzungu Beats The Pack At The Big Bash Final

Old Mate Takes A Casual One Hander Without Dropping A Chip

American Hero Saves Lives

Kiwi Cricket Fan Has No Regard For His Physical Wellbeing

Another Kiwi Cricket Fan Has No Regard For His Physical Wellbeing

This Bloke Failed – Full Marks For Effort Though


Warnie Steals Centre Stage Again

Incredible Boygirl Defies Gravity

Beckham Moves Closer To A Knighthood

Ballkid Upstages Federer And Nadal

Amercian Dad Wins Father Of The Year Award

Rockstar Saves Beer From Disaster

Maggie Saves Homer At Pee-Wee Ice Hockey

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