Fifty Ways To A Winner


As the race for the US Presidency heats up between arguably the most unpopular pairing in the nation’s political history, online bookmaker Ladbrokes Australia has posted markets for each of the 50 states, the first betting company in this country, and one of the first in the world, to do so.

While many states appear clear cut, like Hawaii to the Democrats or Oklahoma to the Republican party, there are many more which present value, should the punter believe they can call it correctly.

“With the wealth of information surrounding it in the digital age, political gambling is becoming increasingly popular,” Ladbrokes Australia’s Head of Media, Roger Oldridge said.

“We saw a large spike in the recent Australian election so we decided we would be the ones to expand our US coverage beyond just the Presidential and novelty markets.”

Having pored over data for weeks, Ladbrokes bookmakers have determined Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Ohio will be the most hotly contested seats in the November election.

The narrowest gap is in Montana, where Donald Trump’s Republican Party is a $1.70 favourite, with Hillary Clinton’s Democrats at $2.05.

Such is the nature of US politics, many of the markets have the favoured party at odds of $1.10 or below.

Donald Trump’s most recent faux pas have seen Hilary Clinton shorten in the head to head market to $1.30, while the former reality TV show star is now a $3.50 chance.

In November 2015, Ladbrokes Australia took a bet of $10k on Trump winning the Presidency at odds of $9, an unprecedented political wager so far out from the election.


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