Olympics Day 6 Tips


The 2016 Olympic Games continue in Rio and there are plenty of finals taking place over the next 24 hours.

Australia has a strong hand in the pool and both Mitch Larkin and Cate Campbell have an excellent opportunity to win gold, while the first rowing finals will be held.

You can find all our Olympics Day 6 tips below and we are confident that there are plenty of winners to be found.


Women’s 200m Breaststroke

Recommended Bet: Rie Kanteo (Japan) To Win @ $2.50

Men’s 200m Backstroke

Recommended Bet: Mitch Larkin (Australia) To Win @ $1.25

Men’s 200m Individual Medley

Recommended Bet: Kosuke Hagino (Japan) To Win @ $3.20

Women’s 100m Freestyle

Recommended Bet: Cate Campbell (Australia) To Win @ $1.30


Men’s Golf

Recommended Bet: Bubba Watson (USA) To Win @ $15


Men’s Coxless Pair

Recommended Bet: New Zealand To Win @ $1.02

Women’s Double Sculls

Recommended Bet: Greece To Win @ $3.75

Men’s Double Sculls

Recommended Bet: Croatia To Win @ $1.03

Men’s Coxless Lightweight Four

Recommended Bet: New Zealand To Win @ $2.75


Women’s 50m Rifle 3 Positions

Recommended Bet: Snjezana Pejcic (Croatia) To Win @ $1.40

Canoe Slalom

Men’s C-2

Recommended Bet: France To Win @ $3.50

Women’s K-1

Recommended Bet: Jessica Fox To Win @ $2.75


Women’s Individual All-Around

Recommended Bet: Simone Biles To Win (USA) @ $1.06


Women’s Indivdiual

Recommended Bet: Ki Bo Bae (South Korea) To Win @ $3.50


Women’s 78kg

Recommended Bet: Mami Umeki (Japan) To Win @ $17

Men’s 100kg

Recommended Bet: Ryunsuke Haga (Japan) To Win @ $5


Men’s Team Sprint

Recommended Bet: New Zealand To Win @ $1.40


Women’s Team Epee

Recommended Bet: China To Win @ $3

Tips, recommendations and commentary are for entertainment only. We provide no warranty about accuracy or completeness. You should make your own assessment before placing a bet.