The PUN-ter: Magic Millions Day


In these troubled, uncertain times where a nuclear MISSLE STRIKE (Race 1, number 1) from North Korea or the USA could happen at any time, thank goodness that I, the PUN-ter is here to give you insight into the Magic Millions this Saturday on the Gold Coast.

I know many of you were OUTRAGED (Race 4, number 8) that my tips have been absent since the spring racing carnival. I’d like to thank EVERY SINGLE ONE (Race 2, number 19) for the MULTITUDE (R4, number 13) of emails, tweets, messages, letters and cards of support for bringing me back in what has been a TUMULTUOUS (Race 4, number 16) time for me and my family. The good news is, I’m back on the PAYROLL (Race 4, number 2) at Ladbrokes for the good of the people.

I’m not going to go on some sort of EPIC RANT (Race 1, number 4) about how I’ve been done over by the powers that be.  In fact my sister MERYL (Race 8, number 9) was saying to my mother the other day  “You know, the PUN-ter really took the axing IN HIS STRIDE (Race 3, number 5) and moved on PRETTY FAST (Race 5, number 16) , it’s NOT SURPRISING (Race 2, number 13) that he DIDN’T MENTION IT (Race 1, number 4) over Christmas.”  She likes to think SHE SEES EVERYTHING (Race 1, number 16) in me but she didn’t CARE TO THINK (Race 6, number 3) to ask how I was feeling about it all.

Enough about me and time to focus on the MOST IMPORTANT (Race 6, number 2) aspect of my blog, the Magic Millions. Firstly it’s important that you start DOWNLOADING (Race 3, number 21) the Ladbrokes app update to ensure you punt right. I’m not going to bore with tall that wagering TERMINOLOGY (Race 8, number 18) because you’re already in the know.


I went to the Magic Millions last year with my mate Tom, he always likes to CRACK ME UP (Race 6, number 3) he’s also a really GOODFELLA (Race 7, number 2). We had a great day on the punt. After the race meet we decided to CRUIZE (Race 7, number 18) on down to the old Jupiters (Now the Star) casino. I wasn’t sure if I was up or down so I checked OUR NETBANK (Race 1, number 13) and I CALCULATED (Race 7, number 5) that we’d be a good chance to clean up on the roulette table, to which we did. I also had the PERFECT DARE (Race 9, number 10) that we’d streak down Jupiters casino if we lost on the spinning wheel, we did, it lead to CATASTROPHIC (Race 8, number 21) results especially with casino security. TRUST ME, (Race 2, number 10) it was a loose day and night but you never want to go through that again. I don’t think I’M ALONE (Race 2, number 3) in thinking that either.


Happy punting!


The PUN-ter.