Legendary Lands – $100 Into $29,065


Picture this – it is Monday and we are deep into a big night on the punt at the Grafton greyhounds.

It hasn’t been the best night on the punt thus far and let’s face it Saturday was a struggle as well, but you are still chipping away trying to turn your results around.

The ninth race at the Grafton Greyhounds is a fairly open affair and you can make a case for just about every runner, so you simply put a first four on the first four dogs in the field – in that exact order.

Not only do you place this trifecta bet, but you put $100 on it and hope the results fall your way.

You watch the race and lo and behold, your bet is a winner – you have turned $100 into $29,065.

This is exactly what happened to one of our punters earlier this weekend and he is more deserving of his inclusion as a Legendary Land!