Test Your Bachelor Knowledge


This season of the Bachelor will go down easily as one of the most unusual to date and we still don’t really know what to expect from ‘The Honey Badger’ Nick Cummins.

While you are sitting in front of your countdown timers, anxiously waiting for all of the craziness to begin, why not test your knowledge with our Bachie quiz covering all of your favourite seasons.



Which season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette featured a date at Spotless Stadium?

There was nobody in the stands, so Sophie got the complete experience of being at a GWS Giants game.

What sport did contestant Elise play before her stint on Matty J’s season?

Elise was too good for Matty J anyway!

How many seasons did the Nick Cummins play for Western Force?

The Honey Badger scored 17 tries during his time with the Force.

How many games did Michael Turnbull play for the Victory over the course of his career?

It is fair to say that Michael’s football career was never as successful as it appeared to be on the show.

Which couple is the only one STILL together after Bachelor in Paradise?

As incredible as it sounds, this is actually true.

Which season did James Blunt awkwardly serenade a date?

We would personally like to see James Blunt make an awkward appearance on every season.

Contestant Alex Nation plays for Frankston Bombers FC?

Could we see Alex Nation in the AFLW? No.

What was the occupation of the original Australian Bachelor Tim Robards?

Tim’s spends the rest of his time being a good-looking rooster.

Sam Frost ‘won’ the second season of The Bachelor, but which contestant did Blake Garvey actually end up with?

Sam Frost has been The Bachelorette, had her own radio show and starred on Home And Away since Blake broke her heart. Fair to say she won that break-up!

Season 3 couple Snezana and Sam recently had a daughter. What is her name?

A rare Bachelor success story!

What quote was made famous by season four Bachelor Richie?

It was funny once Richie, but boy did he beat it into the ground.

Richie and Alex famously shared a chocolate bath in season four. How much did the chocolate bath cost?

That is a lot of chocolate!