The Badgelor – Episode 2


The Badgelor is back and we have more votes to dole out after what was another memorable episode.

For those of you playing at home here’s a quick recap on episode two of The Bachelor or what we like to call ‘The Romy And Cat Variety Hour’.


– The Honey Badger takes Shannon on a date, which involved jumping out of a helicopter and eating Salmon. Shannon hates both these things, but plays along and looks as though she could be a contender.

– The traditional opening Group Date – the infamous Photo Shoot – was back again and they were really drawing a long bow to get the girls into some interesting costumes. Having the girls dress in school uniforms to celebrate Nick Cummins’ passion for education, might have been a bit too far.

– Poor old Cass who dated the Honey Badger previously isn’t coping.

– Vanessa Sunshine hates being on the show and seemingly life in general.

– Throughout the show the girls start to speculate when is the right time to kiss him.

-There are also constant throws to camera where Cat is unashamedly bitchy about everything and everybody.

– Another single date happens where the Honey Badger picks out Romy and takes her to his uncle’s Pizza Shop in Manly. They make a pizza together. Romy attempts to be the first one to kiss Cummins and does what seems to be a really awkward looking hickey. Cummins doesn’t seem too impressed with it. Romy goes back to the Bachie mansion and brags to the girls that she “kissed” him when she really didn’t. Everyone now hates Romy.

– The show ends with a rose ceremony and two random girls who had next to no camera time go home never to be seen again.

The Badgelor Votes

1 Vote – Vanessa Sunshine

Initially recruited into the show to play a villian type role, Vanessa Sunshine has started to establish herself as someone who’d rather be on another reality show or potentially anywhere else in the world.

Her lack of interest in the Honey Badger is clear to see and she clearly has no intention of winning, but she’ll be in there for the long haul playing a defensive type role.

So far, her appearances on the show have been short but they have been sweet.

2 Votes – Cat

If the Bachelor had a Coleman Medal/Golden Boot type award for the shows villain of the series, she would be the clubhouse leader.

The first episode focused on the conflict between Cat and Sophie over their shared ex-boyfriend, with Cat clearly in the wrong, and despite not participating in a standalone date, she was still one of the stars of this episode.

It was her pieces to camera where her true bitchiness came out and there is no doubt that she has a serious mean streak.

Despite the episode focusing on Romy, Cat is well on the way of being one of the most talked about contestants of the series.

3 Votes – Romy

There’s no doubt that Romy was the standout performer tonight.

Her unashamed boasting of kissing the Honey Badger, when it was perhaps the most awkward ‘kiss’ ever seen on television, made this a best on ground effort in tonight’s episode.

The way that she acted at Nick Cummins’ Uncle Mick’s pizza shop in Manly was special enough, but it was the way that she behaved when she got back to the mansion that made this a truly special performance.

The Honey Badger clearly hates her, but the the fact that Romy admitted on camera that she loved to piss the other girls off by boasting about her ‘kiss’ was an organic and beautiful moment.

We hope that she is around for the long haul and she is more than worthy of the 3 votes.

The Badgelor Leaderboard – Episode 2

3 – Romy, Alishia
2 – Cat, Cass
1 – Vanessa Sunshine, Brooke.

Quotes Of The Night

“She felt comfortable in my arms, the old Warwick Farms.”
– Nick The Honey Badger Cummins shows some appreciation for Warwick Farm Race Course.

“You’ve got to remember the five P’s – Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance”
– Nick “The Honey Badger” Cummins on preparing for his first individual dates.

“I got in there first and they are going to be sloppy seconds”
– Romy on technically being the first one to kiss the Honey Badger.

“We had a really, like, romantic kiss. It was HOT. It was a great kiss. It was a real kiss. It was the right time and the right place, and the right moment to do it. It wasn’t tacky, it wasn’t forced. It just happened.”
– Romy brags to the girls that she “Kissed” The Honey Badger

“I was just in my element, really, telling the girls that I kissed him,” “I had a lot of daggers being sent my way, but it was also a really good feeling to rub it in.”
– Romy piece to camera about her “Kiss”

Tweets Of The Night

The Bachelor Betting Market Update

Romy may claim to be the first girl to play tonsil hockey with the Honey Badger, but one thing she can’t boast about is being favourite in our market – she’s far from it at the long odds of $34.

Despite a very small amount of screen time tonight, punters still fancy Port Macquarie / kindergarten sweetheart Brittany at $2 and Brooke remains steady at $2.75

Shannon, who started off the show jumping out of a helicopter and attempting to eat salmon is solid value at $6.

As for the others who got votes in the Badgelor, Cat is way out at $51 and Vanessa Sunshine is at very long odds of $61.