22 Funniest Mad Monday Costumes


Mad Monday has been an AFL and NRL tradition for as long as we can remember, but the Mad Monday dress-up party has gone to another level in recent seasons.

Geelong were the first to really embrace these elaborate costumes – some of which have been more controversial than others – and other clubs, especially Canterbury in the NRL, are now getting involved in the action.

We have ranked the top 22 outfits in Mad Monday Costume party history and it should come as no surprise that both Geelong and Canterbury are heavily represented!

22. Matthew Scarlett as Kevin Bartlett, Geelong Mad Monday 2008


21. Kamdyn McIntosh as Bad Grandpa  – Richmond Mad Monday 2017

 20. Mitch Brown as Ladbrokes own Adam Cooney – Essendon Mad Monday 2016

19. Nick Riewoldt and Leigh Montagna as Maverick and Iceman from Top Gun – St.Kilda Mad Monday 2017

18. James Graham As Duffman – Canterbury Mad Monday 2015


17. Cameron Ling As Ronald McDonald – Geelong Mad Monday 2011


16. Mark Blake As A Banana Up & Go – Geelong Mad Monday 2011



15. James Kelly As ET’s Mate – Geelong Mad Monday 2015


14. Assorted Geelong Players As The Jamaican Bobsled Team – Geelong Mad Monday 2015


13. Andrew Johns As A Daniel Johns Groupie – Newcastle Mad Monday 1997


12. Assorted Geelong Players As The Teletubbies – Geelong Mad Monday 2015



11. Nathan Vardy As The Mask – Geelong Mad Monday 2014


10. Greg Eastwood As John Cena – Canterbury Mad Monday 2015


9. Michael Ennis & Friends As The Power Rangers – Canterbury Mad Monday 2013

16/09/13: Bulldogs go ninja for their Mad Monday (Photo: @MCarayannis)

8. Brett Morris As Wayne Rooney – Canterbury Mad Monday 2016


7. Josh Reynolds As Shane Warne – Canterbury Mad Monday 2016


6. Joel Selwood (with Jake King) As Jake King – Geelong Mad Monday 2014


5. Jack Trengove As His Own Tinder Profile – Melbourne Mad Monday 2014


4. Billy Smedts As Jigsaw – Geelong Mad Monday 2014


3. James Toohey As Colonel Sanders – Geelong Mad Monday 2014


2. Joel Selwood and Jimmy Bartel As Mick Fanning and The J-Bay Shark


1. Sam Perrett As The Rock – Canterbury Mad Monday 2016