A-League 2018-19 Kit Rankings


Our always controversial kit rankings are back for the 2018-19 A-League season.

Most clubs have opted for a new look going into this season with tessellations, barcodes and fancy graphic design being all the rage.

Don’t be afraid to let us know which kits we have misjudged!

10. Melbourne Victory

In the space of one off-season, Melbourne Victory has managed to change one of the best shirts in the A-League to one of the worst.

The barcode style of the iconic big white V isn’t easy on the eye and it would have been a great shirt to wear out to the Tunnel nightclub back in the late 1980’s.

Keisuke Honda deserves a proper Victory shirt.

9. Central Coast Mariners

Not even the worlds fastest man Usain Bolt can look good in this one.

Another club opting for the barcode, the Central Coast Mariners 2018-19 kit resembles a uniform that would have looked at home in the Mercantile Mutual Cup Cricket back in the day.

Perhaps the designer at Umbro (the Mariners supplier) was a big Canberra Comets fan?

8. Newcastle Jets

This is a harsh ranking but who honestly likes the button up shirt with no collar?

If you’re going to have the button up shirt, have a collar.

The Jets have a lot going for them, just not a proper collar.

7. Perth Glory

Perth Glory is sticking with their 2017-18 home kit but has introduced this grey number for this season as an alternative strip.

No team in any sport does well with a grey alternative strip.

One only needs to look at  Carlton in the AFL or Manchester United‘s attempts at grey alternatives from over the years.

Ideally, this kit would be great as pyjamas not for playing football.

6. Sydney FC

Bar the pointless dotting Puma tessellation pattern on the sleeve, Sydney FC’s shirt is fine.

It’s more this promo pic for the shirt with everyone doing their best Blue Steel (Or should way say Sky-Blue Steel) that gives them the sixth spot on this list.


5. West Sydney Wanderers

The Wanderers have always had great kits throughout its history but this one is trying to be fancy for the sake of it.

The red hoops resemble some sort of graphic that you’d see in a Powerpoint presentation and perhaps the designer was having a bit of fun with the wordart section.

The Wanderers have also opted for a solid black neck of the shirt with a red panel on the sleeves.

It’s not the best, but not the worst.

4. Melbourne City

City have opted for the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) solution with their 2018-19 kit and have also ditched the awful red away kit for the heritage (if you can call it that) Melbourne Heart look.

No funny business, just a good proper football kit.

Well played Melbourne City.

3. Brisbane Roar

The Roar have opted for a more Orange look with a little less black and white and it looks great.

I guess you could say – Orange is the new black.

Let’s just hope the numbers can stick on properly this time.

2. Wellington Phoenix

The ‘Nix has always had awesome kits and this one is a beauty.

Black, Yellow, Strong and Bold, the Nix have a  shirt that will be great for ripping off at the 80th minute at the Cake Tin and carrying on like a pork chop.

1.Adelaide United

Another one from the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) school of fashion, Adelaide United haven’t tried to re-invent the wheel with their kit for the 2018-19 season and it looks great.

The strong red blends in well with the sponsors and the prospect of seeing Hindmarsh Stadium blend in with a sea of red will be fantastic.

This is a great job from Adelaide and is worthy of taking out number one spot in this year’s kit rankings.



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