Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl Betting Guide


If you forgot what football was up until 2016, you might be a Rams fan.

If you loathe Stan Kroenke, you might be a Rams fan.

And if you hate the Patriots, you’re most definitely a Rams fan.

It’s been 20-years since the glorious ‘Greatest Show on Turf’ days, but the Rams are back. Circle this date on your calendar – February 4 – that’s All-Day McVay’s time to shine.

Not going to lie, being a Rams fan is tough. You’re looking at the team responsible for kick-starting the Patriots’ dynasty, and between all five of us die-hard fans, we’re still not completely over the move to St. Louis.

All that pain can be made up for with a second Lombardi Trophy though, and that’s exactly what we’ll earn in Atlanta next week. Only this time, there’ll be no last second magic, no miracle field goal, and no repeat of 2002.

Best Bet: Rams To Win @ $2.05

The Patriots are a lot of things. They’re a dynasty, a powerhouse, and among others, cheaters. But seriously, so long as Tom Brady doesn’t puncture the ball pre-game, we’ll be the ones deflating New England’s Super Bowl hopes just like the Eagles did a year ago.

You Patriot fans need to remember how close the Chiefs came to sending you golfing two weeks ago. The Chiefs piled on 24-points in the fourth quarter to send the game to overtime, so what makes you think our offence can’t do the same?

The last time we played you guys was in 2016, and we can admit, you got the better of us. That was during the god-awful Jeff Fisher era though, and in case you hadn’t heard, Sean McVay is kind of a mastermind now.

You can pick apart an atrocious Chiefs defence and call it a win, but against guys like Aaron Donald, Marcus Peters, Aqib Talib, and Dante Fowler? Good luck. We didn’t rank third in the league in turnovers for nothing.

First Touchdown Scorer: Todd Gurley @ $7.50

Having no experience against McVay is one thing, but having faced Todd Gurley just once in the last four years? That’s gotta make you nervous.

We Rams fans aren’t too proud to admit we’re also sweating on the league’s No. 1 running back. Injured with a calf strain, Gurley was a little quiet in our win over the Saints, but he didn’t lead the league in rushing touchdowns by chance.

The Patriots allowed the fifth-highest rushing yards per-attempt during the regular season, bad news if you come face-to-face with Gurley in the red zone. He led the league in touchdowns inside 20-yards, gashing elite defensive teams like the Chargers, Saints, and Cowboys in the process.

You Patriots fans better pray that his calf injury hasn’t fully healed, because you can’t hold down a once in a generation talent like this for long.


Anytime Touchdown Scorer: Robert Woods @ $2.00

The Patriots are lucky Cooper Kupp isn’t out there, but you’ll still have your hands full with Robert Woods.

Woods put up his first career 1,000-yard season thanks to some beautiful chemistry with Jared Goff this year, and with an average of 6.4 targets a game, expect him to see plenty of the ball on Monday.

The great part about all of this though, is Woods’ knowledge against the Patriots. Having spent four seasons in Buffalo, the former second round draft pick is accustomed to Bill Belichick’s defensive schemes, which should give us the upper hand.

In eight games against New England Woods has caught for 405-yards and four touchdowns. He’s also been special in the playoffs so far, catching for 102-yards on just 12 receptions.

We get it, Belichick will probably send Stephon Gilmore over to cover Brandin Cooks, leaving Woods one-on-one with Jason McCourty. You don’t have to be a genius to work out how that match up might turn out. Something along the lines of Woods catching for over 100-yards and a touchdown sounds right on the money.

Anytime Touchdown Scorer: Any Rams Defensive Player @ $7.00

Did you know the miraculous Tom Brady has thrown two interceptions in the Super Bowl? Last time he faced yours truly he threw for only 145-yards and a touchdown back in 2002. That was a long time ago, but we’re feeling confident Aaron Donald can make like tough for the so-called ‘GOAT’.

Donald led the league in sacks this year as well as quarterback hits. Alongside him is Dante Fowler Jr. and Ndamukong Suh, two imposing players that helped us rank third in the league in turnovers this season.

Brady’s had it easy so far in the playoffs. The Chargers couldn’t stop the run and the Chiefs couldn’t stop the pass. This is simple though – send pressure up the middle, force him out of the pocket, and right into a strip-sack. Donald can do all three of those with his eyes closed.

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