Twitter vs. AFLX – The Best Takes.


They say the ratio never lies on Twitter and no sport has been ratioed quite like AFLX.

Whenever the AFL or a footy writer tweets anything to do with the upcoming tournament on Feb 22nd the ratio gets into full swing.

With that in mind, we’ve searched deep into Twitter dot com and have come up with a collection of the best takes, GIFs and then some, on the little sport that no one seems to give any love – AFLX.

The Simpsons has played a big part in Twitter’s “love” of AFLX

Herald Sun footy journo Jon Ralph knew he was on the biggest football story of the year when revealing the concept of the Gatorade Game Changer. It was one of the biggest ratio’s his Twitter account has ever seen.

Respected footy writer and broadcaster Rohan Connolly gave some suggestions ahead of the AFLX “Schoolyard” concept that would really take off with fans.

And this Twitter account put things into perspective, especially if you follow the Bombers

Former West Coast and Hawthorn player Xavier Ellis (holder of the record for the most subbed off player in the history of the AFL) and FOX sports Football journalist Daniel Garb were quick to point out the international appeal that AFLX will bring to the table.

Comedian Titus O’Reily, known for his ambassadorship of the AFLX game gave his take about the Gatorade Game Changer

The combination of Luke Hodge and Patrick Dangerfield playing for the Bolts team together was really put in perspective from the JunkTime AFL Podcast boys

This bloke would rather a big V jumper playing in State of Origin than a Deadly, Bolts, Rampage or Flyers jumper. Come on mate! This stuff is the future.

Who needs AFLW when AFLX is here? Am I right?

Back when the new AFLX all-star format was revealed during the off-season, St.Kilda 323 game legend Nathan Burke couldn’t wait. If anything, Burkey wishes he could play for the Bolts.

Citizen journalism is one of the most powerful tools twitter dot com has to offer and this gentlemen was able to reveal why Patrick Cripps may not partake.

Big Bash and AFLX – together at last!

Fans are totally excited to have Patrick Dangerfield on side with AFLX.

The Age footy writer Daniel Cherny was on board with AFLX’s Captain Planet inspired teams.

SHOCK! Kane Cornes doesn’t like something.

Adelaide Crows AFLX Premiership player Tom Doedee simply wants to protect his dynasty. He’s already planning Adelaide’s AFLX premiership renunion.

No one knows how to read the room on Twitter than Phil Davis of the GWS Giants

Footy fans couldn’t get enough of tonight’s AFLX draft broadcast

Some football fans couldn’t say no.

But their were some AFLX sympathisers.

The “Sporting Discussion” podcast put a call out for those who actually like AFLX but seemed to have struggled.

We’ll leave with Andrew Holmes defending AFLX. Come on mate, get with the program!

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