Liverpool Legendary Lands – $200 Into $6100


What a game of football it was!

Barcelona looked set to cruise into the Champions League Final following their 3-0 win in the 1st Leg of the semi-final, but for the second year in a row they have collapsed in fairly incredible fashion.

Who could have seen this coming?

One Ladbrokes punter did.

The punter, who we have dubbed the Liverpool oracle, has pretty much nailed exactly how this game would go down.

Not only did they have $100 at $10 on Liverpool to qualify for the Champions League Final, but they also had $100 on Liverpool to win by exactly 4-0.

That paid $51, so this Liverpool fan was able to turn $200 into $6100!

Was this the best morning of his life?

We’ve never actually met him, but we can only assume that the answer to this question is a very big yes!

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