5 Lessons Learned – NRL Round 9


It was a magical weekend in Brisbane this weekend with some massive talking points to come from this weekend of NRL action.

Eight games, all at Suncorp Stadium, it was certainly one to remember.

However, was it a magic weekend on the punt?

Well that depends on who you backed, as always, whether you win or lose there’s always something to take away from the action.

So without further ado, here are our five lessons learned.

1 – Favourites Run Continues

It was another VERY successful weekend if you backed the favourites in every game continuing a trend we have seen emerge in the last few weeks.

Only the Dragons failed to win outright as favourites and the Roosters picked up the two competition points but injuries cost them the cover (more on that later).

That’s now 20-4 head to head for favourites in the last three rounds and 18-6 against the spread. In short, this is a trend worth following for the time being, especially in games with short lines.

2 – Broncos “Away” Day

Thanks to a scheduling quirk (and perhaps the fact that Magic Round was originally announced for next weekend) the Broncos were the designated away side when they took on Manly on Friday night.

In their previous four away games they had gone 0-4 both head to head and against the spread, but against a decimated Sea Eagles side, they were favoured on the road for the first time all season.

They rewarded the faith of the market and the Real Big Marn with a 16 point win that many locals at that game is the start of something good.

3 – Bad Beat 1

As is the case every weekend, there’s a bad beat but this weekend we have two for you! The Tigers were scoring at a point per minute early on, finding themselves up 26-0 after 26 minutes.

If you backed the over in this game, you would have been half expecting it to be sorted by half time.

After all, it was the lowest total of the weekend at 36.5. As is the case when a team jumps out to a huge lead they took their foot off the accelerator just a bit and didn’t push for a huge scoreline, happy enough with the victory.

Only eight points were scored in the remaining 54 minutes sending this game under, serving as a nice reminder that a blowout does have great “unders” potential… unless it involves the Storm apparently.

4 – Bad Beat 2

The second bad beat of Magic Round came in the penultimate game as the Roosters were up comfortably over the Raiders.

At 30-6 up with half an hour to go, you would feel confident in the Roosters ability to close the game out.

Unfortunately, injuries had reduced the defending premiers to a bare bones bench and the Raiders stormed home to close the gap to 30-24 and giving the Raiders the cover on the 7.5 point line.

We’ve all been there on the wrong end of a backdoor cover.

5 – Storm Surge

Perhaps the biggest lesson from the weekend?

Don’t annoy the Storm!

After they went down to the Sharks last weekend in yet another one score game, their fifth straight, they decided to put on a show against the hapless Eels.

After covering the line in their first three games they had failed to do so in their next five, however 64-10 certainly suggests they might be back on their feet.

There’s a chance for another statement win on Thursday against the Wests Tigers at AAMI Park.

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