KSI V Logan Paul 2 Preview


One of the biggest online rivalries in the world is set to take place inside the ring this weekend as Youtube sensations KSI and Logan Paul do battle inside the ring.

This is not the first time the two online celebrities have entered the ring together. They fought at the Manchester Arena in August of 2018. A fight which ended in a disappointing, but not surprising draw.

KSI v Logan Paul 2 Betting

The first fight between these two was very even in betting however Logan Paul will start the resounding favourite for their second battle inside the ring.

The American is currently $1.67 whilst the Brit KSI is out to $2.50.

Logan Paul is $6.00 to win by decision and $2.10 to win by KO or TKO or Disqualification.

KSI is $5.00 to win by decision and $4.33 to win by KO or TKO or Disqualification.

KSI vs Logan Paul Recent Form

Let’s get one thing clear. These guys are not professional boxers. They are online celebrities who are hear to entertain as much as possible. Is their beef real? Who knows.

The first fight between the pair was actually quite impressive if you take a step back for a second and look at the fight for what it is. Both guys can clearly throw a punch and it better than a lot of these celebrity boxing matches I’ve seen over the time.

Two judges scored the first fight 57-57 and the other gave it 58-57 to KSI. This was a very hard fight to judge especially with only six rounds but again, both guys are in very good shape and know how to keep their hands up and throw a decent jab.

Our Prediction

If you are planning on forking out the cold hard cash for this fight please don’t expect six rounds of quality boxing. Theatrics? Yes. Drama? Yes. But not quality fighting.

This is not pure boxing. This is a show. I’m expecting something different to happen in this fight and I’m seeing plenty of value plays after the first fight ended in a draw.

I think the bookies have got a few of these markets wrong especially whether the fight goes the distance.

Nevermind the fact they are now wearing 10oz gloves and no head gear. These guys are not fighting and they don’t step into their punches with any power. I’m very happy to take them on and predict that neither can inflict a KO. It’s also only 6 x 3 minute rounds! Did I mention they are Youtubers and will be protecting their pretty faces at all costs.

Best Betting Plays

Back The Fight To Go The Distance @ $2.40

Back Logan Paul To Win By Decision @ $6.00

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