Legendary Lands – $75 into $11,856.03


We’ve all been there before. It’s a slow Thursday morning, you’re down to your last $10.00, so you take a quick peek at the NBA slate and decide to go all-in on a 10-leg multi.  

You, unlike all your losing mates, are an NBA genius. You know the game inside and out, or at least you thought that was the case prior to your multi falling short by a leg, a point, or more recently, a blunder by the officials.

We here at the Ladbrokes see it all the time, but every now and then one of those so-called NBA gurus actually lands a long shot multi that brings a tear to our eye.

One lucky on punter on Thursday chose to up the stakes by throwing down $75 on a 10-legger made up of high-risk head-to-head bets. The total odds came to $158.08, which eventually paid out a lazy $11,856.03.

Here’s a look:

Leg 1 – Orlando Magic v Phoenix Suns  

Our adventurous punter got things off to a fast start as he backed the Magic, who were well over the odds at $2.00, to beat the Suns at home. It was a smart move considering Orlando had won two games coming in as Aaron Gordon’s first 30-point game of the season saw the Magic over the line comfortably.

Leg 2 – Boston Celtics v Miami Heat

The Celtics are one of only three teams in the league with an undefeated record at home this season, which our punter quickly took advantage of by backing Boston at $1.40 against the visiting Heat. Boston went on to win 112-93 thanks to 31-points from Jaylen Brown.

Leg 3 – Indiana Pacers @ Oklahoma City Thunder

Next up, our punter decided to back a road team as he fancied the Pacers to take care of the Thunder in OKC. Indiana had won six of its last 10-games coming in, before going on to nail a seven-point victory.

Leg 4 – Portland Trail Blazers v Sacramento Kings

This was by far one of the riskiest legs considering a) how unpredictable the Blazers have been this season, and b) the fact Portland was playing on no rest. The Blazers looked a little under the odds at $1.65 against a very dangerous Kings team, but our punter took full faith in Sacramento’s horrible 3-7 record on the road and was proven right. In what was a close back and forth game, Portland eventually put the foot down in the final quarter to record an 11-point win.

Leg 5 – Brooklyn Nets @ Atlanta Hawks

Our lucky punter clearly had his finger on the pulse when he backed the Nets to beat the Hawks. Even without Kyrie Irving, Brooklyn had won six of its last 10-games heading into Thursday’s trip to Atlanta, while the Hawks had slumped all the way to the bottom of the Southeast Division behind a 5-16 record. Not surprisingly, the Nets went on to win quite comfortably.

Leg 6 – Los Angeles Lakers @ Utah Jazz

The Lakers trip to Utah to face the Jazz was the headline game on Wednesday, and our man didn’t shy from backing the underdog. Los Angeles came in red-hot having won nine of their last 10 and they did not disappoint in their blowout 121-96 loss. If you’re taking notes, be sure to back the Lakers next time they go around at $2.15!

Leg 7 – Dallas Mavericks v Minnesota Timberwolves

You’d be mad to back against Luka Doncic right now, especially against a Timberwolves team on a serious slide down the Western Conference standings. Dallas won this one 121-114 to improve to 7-4 at home, giving our man some real reason for hope with only three legs remaining.

Leg 8 – Charlotte Hornets v Golden State Warriors

Don’t look now, but the Golden State Warriors are 4-19! No Steph Curry and no Klay Thompson equals money this season, as our money man found out the east way by backing a below-average, yet quietly dangerous Hornets side at $1.53.

Leg 9 – Milwaukee Bucks @ Detroit Pistons

Because when you’re hot, you’re hot. Sticking to the trends once again, our man found another winner by backing the Bucks to extend their impressive winning streak to 13 with a win over the Pistons. Milwaukee got the job done in a big way as a 35-point performance from Giannis Antetokounmpo helped the Bucks to a 127-103 win.

Leg 10 – Chicago Bulls v Memphis Grizzlies

It’s safe to say the Bulls have probably cost plenty of punter a multi or two over the last five years, but our man picked the right day to back Chicago outright as they faced the hapless Grizzlies at home. Memphis put up a fight but ultimately lost be seven points.

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