On This Day in Sports May 26th

On This Day: June 12

They say we should use this time to learn something new – so we thought we’d offer up a history lesson free of charge!

We’re going to be recapping all the important sporting moments each and every day as we look to fill the void our beloved sports have left behind.

So if it’s AFL, NRL, Basketball, Cricket, Golf or even Wrestling, be sure to return each morning as we take a trip back through the history books to relive some of the great sporting moments On This Day.

2002 – Watch Out for the Shaq Attack 

The Lakers claimed their three-peat on this day in 2002, but it was Shaquille O’Neal who made headlines by claiming his own NBA Finals MVP three-peat. 

The big fella famously scored 40-points in Game 2 before adding another 34 in LA’s Game 4 sweep over the Nets. He would later go on to win his fourth title with the Miami Heat four years later. 

2019 – Sweet St Louis 

St Louis fans (and just about everyone outside of Boston for that matter) had plenty to celebrate this time last year when the Blues knocked off the Bruins in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup. 

Winning in Boston is never easy, but the Blues managed to produce a huge defensive effort in their 4-1 defeat to earn the city of St Louis their first-ever Stanley Cup!