This Day In Sport – July 11


They say we should use this time to learn something new – so we thought we’d offer up a history lesson free of charge!

We’re going to be recapping all the important sporting moments each and every day as we look to fill the void our beloved sports have left behind.

So if it’s AFL, NRL, Basketball, Cricket, Golf or even Wrestling, be sure to return each morning as we take a trip back through the history books to relive some of the great sporting moments On This Day.

1954 – Referee Walks Away

In an era of Rugby League when “the biff” ruled supreme, match referee Aub Oxford walked away and abandoned a top-flight international match between New South Wales and England at the SCG.

The match was a special once-off game played in between the second and third matches of the Australia-Great Britain series at the time, where both sides were tied at one win each.

New South Wales named a full-strength side and took the exhibition game seriously, whereas England mixed things up by selecting two front-rowers on the wings and a second-rower at fullback.

Biffo was the main aim of the game with just about every tackle resulting in a punch-on.

60 minutes into the game and referee Aub Oxford decided he had enough of the thuggery, leaving the players to continue on with their all-in brew-ha-ha and the match was ruled as “no contest”.

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1930 – Bradman 309*

A young 21-year-old by the name of Don Bradman walked out to bad for Australia after 11 balls in the first morning at Leeds.

In only his seventh Test match, Bradman reached 100 before lunch, 200 before tea time and reached 309* at the days play.

Bradman would make a total of 334 runs in one innings.

He became the very first player to reach the triple century in a days play.

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