The Penrith Panthers are back on the NRL Grand Final stage for another year as they prepare to lock horns with the Rabbitohs on Sunday night at Suncorp.

After a brilliant three-loss season, the Panthers will take to the field as favourites in the Ladbrokes market, despite the fact they lost to this same Rabbitohs team only three weeks ago.

With a chance to right last year’s wrongs and win a third premiership, we’re here to tell you why you should support The Riff this weekend!

Because Pat Cummins

Did you know the world’s No. 1 ranked Test bowler is a die-hard Panthers nut?

Despite being born in Westmead, just west of Parramatta, Pat Cummins and the rest of his family have bled black and yellow from day dot.

One look at Cummins’ Twitter profile suggests he doesn’t mind taking care of his sponsors, which was evident last year when he voiced his fanhood by promoting Kayo to all 300,000 of his followers.

Because They Beat the Storm

The NRL conducted a survey a couple of years ago asking fans to choose which team they enjoyed beating the most.

Not surprisingly, the results ruled overwhelmingly in favour of the Storm – probably due to the collective dislike for Craig Bellamy and well, their success.

Fortunately, the mountain men sent the Storm packing in the Prelim, leaving us with a matchup that neutral fans can actually get excited about.

Because Blue Collar is the Best Collar

No explanation is needed here.

Because Royce Simmons

For those too young to remember, Royce Simmons might just be one of the most famous names in Panthers history.

The young hooker from Gooloogong signed a contract with Penrith back in 1980 where he went on to play over 230 games in 11 seasons with the club.

Simmons famously proclaimed prior to the Panthers’ 1991 Grand Final win that he would happily share a beer with every single supporter after the game.

That gesture probably doesn’t apply to Penrith’s growing list of 18,000+ members today, but it’s that level of blokesmanship that really makes the Panthers hard to dislike.

Because Mick Fanning

Mick Fanning has made no secret of his Panthers allegiance over the years.

Born in Penrith, Fanning remains a good friend of former coach Matt Elliott and was actually brought into the club during the 2010 season to inspire his favourite side.

Because They Beat the Roosters in 2003

Who could forget Penrith’s memorable Grand Final win over the Roosters back in 2003?

Over 80,000 fans packed Telstra Stadium to watch the Panthers win their second flag in another memorable win for the little guys.

The Roosters were on the hunt for back-to-back premierships, but simply found no answer toLuke Rooney, who scored a double, and Luke Priddis, who went on to win the Churchill.

Of course, the game is most remembered for Scott Sattler’s moment of defensive wizardry in the second half.

Because Joe Jonas

You read that right, Joe Jonas is one with The Riff.

The heartthrob of every woman in Australia announced his allegiance back in 2018 when the Panthers took on the Tigers.

Because Their Jersey’s Are Fire

Oak Milk is synonymous with the modern-day Panthers, continuing a long-running trend of great sponsorship deals by the club.

The 1991 Panthers ‘Dahdah’ uniform is easily the most iconic set of threads the club has ever donned, but we also have to give special mention to the 1988 ‘Penrith City’ kit, as well as the ‘Sanyo’ get-up worn during the 2003 glory year.