The Brisbane boys are through to the big dance!

It’s been a rough few years for us diehards but if you’re jumping on the bandwagon, you’ve probably picked the right time to do it!

Us Broncos faithful don’t gatekeep, we want all the support we can get on the weekend!

Our first premiership since 2006 would be massive.

Clicking on this article is the first step to joining #BronxNation and if you’re still on the fence allow me to layout a few reasons as to why you should support the Brisbane Broncos this weekend in the NRL Grand Final.

They literally started at the bottom

2020 was a brutal year for Broncos fans more than anyone else in the world.

After Brisbane started 2-0 heading into the Covid break, the Broncs then went on to only win one more game that year and win their first wooden spoon in the club’s history.

In just three seasons, the team has completely turned it around and could pull off a fairy tale going from worst to first in just three seasons.

They have one of the most exciting attacks in the league

Fast flowing, high scoring rugby league is exactly what a bandwagon fan is after and I tell you what, the Broncos have it.

Remember the names, Reece Walsh, Selwyn Cobbo, Herbie Farnworth, Kotoni Staggs and Ezra Mam. These boys can break a game open at any moment!

They have one of the best pubs in Australia next to their stadium

Have you ever been to The Caxton?

Outstanding venue and in my completley unbiased Broncos fan opinion.

A pre-Broncs-game-Caxton-carpark beer is one of the best beers you can have.

If the Broncos get it done, The Caxton will be pumping on Sunday night.

The greatest players of all time were Broncos

Many current and future immortals have thrown on the maroon and gold Wally Lewis, Alfie Langer, Darren Lockyer and Tonie Carroll are just a few that come to mind.

The Broncos have attracted some very large names over the years and if they win on the weekend, we may start to include some names from the current crop in that conversation as well.

They are the most attractive team in the league

Guarantee the Broncos are your partner’s favourite team.

They are a handsome young lot, Walsh, Cobbo, Farnworth, Staggs, Mam, Riki, Carrigan, there truly is a flavour for everyone and they know it too.

Post game they all get their gear off to sing the song and some people just have all the luck don’t they.

They’re the biggest club in the league

Every year the Broncos boast the largest amount of members in the NRL, clearly everybody loves the Broncos and you should too.

The leagues club at Red Hill does a bloody good parmi too.

They used to have a really cool jersey sponsor

But I’m not allowed to comment any further.

They pump Chelsea Dagger when they score

It’s easily one of the best traditions in rugby league.

Whenever the Broncs score at Suncorp, “Chelsea Dagger” by The Fratellis is belted out by the 50,000 supporters. They even have a signature dance move!


Between this and the Wahs chant, I had it down pat 😂 #bronx #bronco #gameday

♬ original sound – annelisedrake

They’re from Queensland

This one speaks for itself.

Greatest state in the country.

We’ve got the Broncs, XXXX, Violent Soho, Mitchell Johnson and hopefully on Sunday night the Provan-Summons Trophy.

Maroon is the best colour and the Broncs bloody bleed it!

It’s someone new

This is the fourth year in a row that Penrith has made the Grand Final and they’re gunning for a three peat.

Do you really want the same team winning over and over again? I don’t, that’s lame.

The Broncs also beat Penrith in Round 1, they know how to do it and could get it done on Sunday night.

Still not convinced?

Ezra Mam highlights.