Daily Esports Tips


With sports canceled right around the world, our daily Esports tips aim to keep your betslip in business and fill the void during these desperate times.

We’ll be offering tips for all the key matches right across the globe in all the top tournaments, so be sure to check back here daily for our best bets.

Thursday 2nd April

Dignitas Vs Orgless

Thursday April 2nd, 3:00am

CS:GO - Flashpoint

The winner of this lower bracket matchup will go on to meet either Gen. G or MIBR in the Grand Final, and I’m happy to back history to repeat itself in the form of an Orgless upset. 

These two sides met in the lower bracket final of Group C in Phase 1 in what turned out to be a memorable Orgless 2-1 victory. Neither side looked particularly impressive in Round 1 of Phase 2, so it’s tough to feel entirely confident in Dignitas as the favourite.

Orgless should also take some confidence away from their 2-1 loss to Cloud9 in the Grand Final of Group C. This will be a close matchup, but I think this is a solid underdog bet.

Tip: Back Orgless to Win @ $2.05

Gen. G Vs MIBR

Thursday April 2nd, 6:00am

CS:GO - Flashpoint

A spot in the Group B Grand Final is up for grabs here and it looks as though we could have a fairly even fight on our hands. 

Gen. G won 2-0 over Dignitias in Round 1 of the upper bracket, while MIBR also shutout Orgless 2-0 to book a spot in the final. Overall though, I’m finding it hard to back against the favourites in this scenario as MIBR comes in white hot after beating 100 Thieves 2-0 in the ESL Pro League yesterday. 

Like many other recent matchups, this is another one that favours experience over recent form. MIBR has played 251 matches to Gen. G’s 19, so I think the $1.70 is hard to ignore. 

Tip: Back MIBR to Win @ $1.72

Ocean Vs Spark Arrow Gaming

Thursday April 2nd, 10:00pm

DOTA2 - Chinese DOTA2 Professional Association

I’ve had some success backing the favourites in DOTA recently and I think this is another good spot to cash in. 

Spark is the in-form team ahead of this Week 2 matchup and they should take plenty of confidence away from their 2-0 shutout of PSG.LGD on Monday. Ocean, meanwhile, was on the opposite end of a 2-0 defeat to EHOME on the same day, while Spark’s 68% win-rate leaves them looking a little over the odds. 

Tip: Back Spark to Win @ $1.72

Wednesday 1st April


Wednesday April 1st, 2:00am

CS:GO - Telia Esports

This shapes up as a profitable spot for Conquer bettors as they take on a NYYRIKKI side looking to bounce back from their 5-16 loss to VETO in Week 2. 

Conquer has played only one match so far in the Telia competition which they lost 15-19 to Vertigo. 

Even so, this is a very experienced team that finished third in the Elisa Viihde Spring Challenge Qualifiers last month playing a NYYRIKKI team that hasn’t won any prize-money since 2018. 

Last but not least, NYYRIKKI also plays twice on Wednesday with a matchup against CRAZYCOCO scheduled for later in the evening. I’ll happily take the short odds on Conquer here and bank on NYYRIKI’s maybe being a little distracted.

Tip: Back Conquer to Win @ $1.60

HAVU Vs Envy

Wednesday April 1st, 6:00am

CS:GO - Flashpoint

The Phase 2 Group A upper-bracket final gets underway on Wednesday and I’m more than happy to back the short-priced HAVU team to return to the Grand Final. 

HAVU lost 2-0 to MAD in the Group A Grand Final in Phase 1, but they simply look a class above the Envy team with experience on their side. 

Envy has played only 80 matches to HAVU’s 320 and is fresh from a hard-fought 2-1 battle against Cloud 9 in Round 1. HAVU, meanwhile, has won three of its four matches so far in Season 1 and I think the $1.60 about them is worth including in your multi. 

Tip: Back HAVU to Win @ $1.62


Wednesday April 1st, 8:00pm

DOTA 2 - China DOTA2 Professional League

Season 2 of the China DOTA2 Professional League gets underway with what looks to be an interesting Week 1 matchup between KEEN and CDEC. 

KEEN will be hoping to improve on its 4-5 record in Season 1, and while backing a CDEC upset might look tempting, there is a significant class difference between these two sides. 

CDEC won Season 2 of the Asia Communication League and was invited to play in the Professional League, but they haven’t played in a major tournament since 2016. 

KEEN, on the other hand, won the ESL One Mumbai last year (a major tournament) before the Asian Masters League Season 3. Overall, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if CDEC put up a fight, but KEEN has played nearly 200 games more than CDEC, so their experience should get the job done. 

Tip: Back KEEN GAMING to Win @ $1.75

Tuesday 31st March

Polar Ace Vs timbermen

Tuesday March 31st, 12:30pm


I’m happy to take the timbermen for an upset in this lower bracket matchup after taking a closer look at their recent form.

Polar Ace has only one win to their name in Advanced Season 33 and is coming off a 2-0 shutout at the hands of Buffdaddy’s Paypal on Sunday. The timbermen, meanwhile, have won two straight over Dogs of War and Big Chillin and have also won the second-most maps in the competition. 

Tip: Back timbermen to Win @ $2.20

Element Mystic Vs Spear Gaming

Tuesday March 31st, 7:00pm

LOL - Challenger Korea

Element Mystic is the odds-on favourite in this Week 6 matchup, but I really don’t think there is as much between the two sides as the current market suggests.

The favourites are coming off an upset 2-1 loss to OZ Gaming last week while Spear picked up a big win over Seorabeol on Friday. As we’ve seen, form sometimes doesn’t count for much in LOL, but for what it’s worth, Spear currently holds a 62.5% win-rate in the Challenger League – a significant difference compared to Element Mystic’s 50% rating.

Also working in Spear’s favour here is Jaguar and Tank, two players that rank Top 15 in kill ratio. Overall, I think this is a good upset spot. 

Tip: Back Spear Gaming to Win @ $2.10

Monday 30th March

G2 Sports Vs FaZe

Monday March 30th, 7:00am

CS:GO - ESL Pro League

It’s a quick turnaround for these two sides after G2 took on Tyloo on Saturday before FaZe’s battle with mousesports on Sunday. 

I’m backing G2 here purely on the hope that the FaZe Clan have their minds elsewhere with a second matchup on Monday night scheduled against Virtus.pro. G2 also has some handy players on their roster with Hunter and Amanek both ranking inside the Top 30 in K/D ratio, so I think they are good value at the current price. 

Tip: Back G2 to Win @ $1.72

Sunday 29th March

mousesports Vs FaZe

Sunday March 29th, 4:00am

CS:GO - ESL Pro League

This Group D matchup in the ESL league looks to be a fairly even matchup on paper, so I’m happy to include the FaZe Clan in my multi at the handy $2.00 quote. 

mousesports has won four matches on the trot, but they haven’t played together since defeating Vici over a month ago. FaZe, on the other hand, already kicked off their Season 11 campaign with a 2-0 shutout win over Tyloo on Thursday, extending their own winning streak to three. 

The FaZe Clan have won four matches through the month of March and posted a win rate above 60% in their last two tournaments. Coldzera also holds the sixth-best K/D ratio in the ESL Pro League, so there’s lots to like about the underdogs. 

Tip: Back FaZe to Win @ $2.00

Dignitas Vs Gen. G

Sunday March 29th, 4:00am

CS:GO - Flashpoint

Dignitas and Gen. G are playing for a spot in the Group B Phase 2 upper-bracket Final, and it appears as though the bookies aren’t giving the former any respect.

Dignitas has played 381 games to Gen. G’s 18, so I think experience should help them out in this scenario. Dignitas also made it as far as the upper-bracket Final in Phase 1, while Gen. G lost the lower bracket Final to MIBR in Group B. 

This should be a cracking match, but after going down to Cloud9 0-2 last week, I fully expect Dignitas’ experience to do the talking. 

Tip: Back Dignitas to Win @ $2.15

Saturday 28th March

Copenhagen Flames Vs HAVU

Saturday March 28th, 4:00am

CS:GO - Flashpoint

This Phase 2 upper-bracket SemiFInals match should be a real treat as Season 1 marches towards the Grand Final. 

HAVU has the slight edge in the market here at the $1.80 quote, and I’m finding it hard to disagree after they made it all the way to the Group A In-Game Feeders final before losing 2-0 to MAD. 

The Flames, on the other hand, failed to make it out of Round 1 and have won only one of their last five matches. Overall, HAVU also holds a win percentage of 64.9 compared to Copenhagen’s 59.2, so this looks a nice value play. 

Tip: Back HAVU to Win @ $1.80

Vexed Vs PACT

Saturday March 28th, 5:00am

CS:GO - Hipfired Cup

Vexed takes on PACT for a spot in the upper-bracket Semi-Finals and I think they look good money here with some form on their side.

Vexed has won four straight matches in shutout fashion dating back to the start of February, while PACT finds themselves on the opposite end of a four-match losing skid. 

As the odds suggest, there isn’t a whole lot separating these two sides. Both have played just over 300 games each and lost more than they’ve won. Therefore, I’m sticking with Vexed’s hot hand at the $2.00 mark. 

Tip: Back Vexed to Win @ $2.00

Evil Geniuses Vs 100 Thieves

Saturday March 28th, 8:00am

CS:GO - ESL Pro League

It’s Aussies v Yanks in this Group C matchup as 100 Thieves look to pick up where they left off on Thursday with an opening 2-1 victory over Swole Patrol. 

The Evil Geniuses will be playing their first match of Season 11 and I am a little wary of their big-name players. Cerq ranks 12th in the league in average kill distance, while Brehze and Ethan all fall inside the Top 30 in K/D ratio. 

I don’t feel good about backing against our hometown boys, but this Evil Geniuses side looks tough to beat on debut. 

Tip: Back The Evil Geniuses to Win @ $1.62

Friday 27th March


Friday March 27th, 3:00am

CS:GO Telia Esports

I don’t think there is as much between these two sides as the current market suggests. SJ is a relatively new team on the scene that has played only five games so far, while KOVA is an experienced unit with 50 matches and a 66% win rate to their name. 

Tip: Back KOVA to Win @ $1.95

Cloud 9 Academy Vs Evil Geniuses Academy

Friday March 27th, 7:00am

LoL LCS Academy

Cloud9 Academy vs Evil Geniuses Academy 

There isn’t a whole lot of value to be had on Cloud9 here by themselves, but they do look to be a nice little multi booster at the current quote. 

To their credit, the Evil Geniuses have held their own over the last two months winning five matches on the trot, but that doesn’t come close to comparing to Cloud9, who have won 10 straight dating back to the middle of February. 

Cloud9 has established itself as a dominant player in major tournaments with a win rate above 80% in their last four. The Evil Geniuses should pose a challenge, but with six wins already this month, I’m on the short-priced favourites. 

Tip: Back Cloud9 Academy to Win @ $1.68

Thursday 26th March

Cream Esports Vs Team Unknown

Thursday March 26th, 3:00am

DOTA 2 - Aorus League

The Cream team are in my sights for a win here and I think they look a little over the odds at the current quote.

Team Unknown has lost back-to-back matches to INF.Y and INF, while Cream has won back-to-back matches over Vicious Gaming and 0-900. Cream has been in outstanding form winning 72% of their last 10, so this looks good value straight-up or in a multi. 

Tip: Back Cream to Win @ $1.87

LVG Vs Aster

Thursday March 26th, 4:00am

CS:GO 0 Huya Darkhorse League

These two teams own plenty of history together having played six times before with three wins apiece.

Looking deeper into the stats though, I do think LVG is a good bet here with Aster struggling for wins. LVG has recorded three wins on the trot over Invictus Gaming, 5ePL and In young ren over the course of the year, while Aster has won three straight over the last four weeks. 

Both sides hold a win rate close to 44%, but LVG did show some real character winning five of their six matches in the WESG 2019 Greater China tournament last year after winning 5/5 at the Esports Invitational. The even money is good value. 

Tip: Back LVG to Win @ $1.87

Wednesday 25th March

BIG Vs forZe

Wednesday March 25th, 3:00am

German team BIG is the value play here as they look to separate themselves from North, Forze and Natus Sincere in the Group B standings. 

BIG won back-to-back matches over Natus Sincere and Fnatic last week after adding gob b to replace LEGIJA as the head of the team earlier in January, The move has paid big dividends so far with fellow team members K1TO, Tizian and Xantares all holding K/D rates above 50%. 

BIG is coming into this one on the back of a loss to North, while Forze finds itself in a similar position having lost to Natus Vincere on Sunday. All in all, BIG’s experience should do the talking here. 

Tip: Back BIG to Win @ $1.80

JiJieHao Vs Lynn Vision

Wednesday March 25th, 5:00pm

Day 1 of the group stage kicks off with a nice even money battle between JiJieHao and LVG. 

These two teams are very familiar with one another after meeting only a week ago in the AMG China Closed Qualifiers and we should be in for another terrific battle following some close results. 

JiJieHao won the series 2-1 last week before losing to EHOME in the next round. What stands out to me though is JiJieHao’s wretched run of form of late winning only three of their last 10 matches. 

LVG’s year is off to a slow start but it’s worth keeping in mind this team won the 5EPLAY Pro League Invitational 2-0 earlier in January as well as the WEST 2019 Greater China late last year. 

Tip: Back LVG to Win @ $1.80

Tuesday 24th March

Thunder Logic Vs Alcoholic Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous are out for the upset here against the undefeated Thunder Logic as they hope to book their spot in the upper bracket final against Yeah Gaming. 

Thunder Logic made short work of Yeah last week winning 16-5 after a narrow 1-0 victory over Rugrats, while AA has recorded two blowout victories over District 7 and the New England Whalers. 

As the market suggests, there isn’t much between these two teams so we should be in for a tight affair. With that in mind, I’m looking to avoid the head-to-head market and instead play it safe on the maps. 

Tip: Alcoholic Anonymous to Win 2 Maps @ $1.87

Trivium Vs PDHM Gaming

Trivium is looking to make up for a loss to timbermen last week, so I’m going to back that form to continue by playing on PDHM here. 

PDHM won a 2-1 nail-biter against Prediction Esports last week, and while their recent form has been a little sloppy, I can’t help but notice their long six match winning streak during February. Six of their players have also had double-digit three kills rounds, so this looks nice odds for PDHM to continue their momentum. 

Tip: Back PDHM to Win @ $1.90