The Bachelor Australia

Similar to the popular U.S version of the show, The Bachelor is an Australian reality series airing exclusively on Network Ten.

Hosted by radio and TV presenter Osher Gunsberg, The Bacehelor Australia has aired for five seasons, first premiering on September 8, 2013.

Now in its sixth season, The Bachelor Australia has recorded over 90 episodes, and ranks as one of the most popular reality shows in the country. Likewise, the nature of the show is also popular with diehard “Bachie” tragic’s and of course, punters.


Centered around a single bachelor, the aim of the show is to find said bachelor a romantic partner. In the early stages of the program, the bachelor goes on large group dates with a range of women, which in turn gives rise to conflicts as well as the potential for future dates.

Due to the large number of women, the show uses an elimination style format to narrow the potential bachelor pool down. Most women are eliminated early during various rose ceremonies, but as the season continues, the remaining contestants are taken out on both individual and two-on-one dates.

As the show winds down, the number of women eventually dwindles down to four. Typically, each contestant is introduced to the bachelor’s hometown family, followed by vacations to exotic destinations.

The finale of the show is then determined between the bachelor’s final two selections, one of which he will propose to with a rose.

The Rose

A major part of the show surrounds potential dates attempting to earn a rose from the bachelor in single and group dates. Should the woman impress the bachelor, the bachelor may wish to spend more time with the woman and get to know them further. He can then opt to award them a rose during the date, signifying immunity and keeping her safe during elimination.

The Rose Ceremony

If contestants don’t receive a rose during a date, they are asked to stand in rows at one end of the room. The bachelor then appears with a tray of roses, which he can choose to award to any of the women he deems fit. Once the bachelor has run out of roses, the remaining contestants left rose-less are asked to say their goodbyes.

Seasons & Couples

Season Air Date Bachelor Winner Runner-up Proposal Still together
1 8 September – 20 November 2013 Tim Robards Anna Heinrich Rochelle Emmanuel-Smith No Yes
2 30 July – 2 October 2014 Blake Garvey Sam Frost Lisa Hyde Yes No
3 29 July – 17 September 2015 Sam Wood Snezana Markoski Lana Jeavons-Fellows No Yes
4 27 July – 15 September 2016 Richie Strahan Alex Nation Nikki Gogan No No
5 26 July – 14 September 2017 Matty Johnson Laura Byrne Elise Stacy No Yes
6 15 August 2018 – present Nick Cummins TBD TBD TBD TBD