Most Embarrassing Soccer Blunders

Most Embarrassing Soccer Blunders


FIFA has again made headlines for the wrong reasons this week as several high ranking officials were arrested in a corruption enquiry.

FIFA seems to keep making all the severe off-field blunders, so we’ve sorted through the archives to find some of the most embarrassing on-field blunders from the last decade of soccer.

You’d think some of these blokes had a bet on the other team they’re so bad!

1. Sui Weije

Having a quick breather and sip of water proved costly for Chinese Super League outfit Chongqing Lifan over the weekend as the struggling side conceded a late goal following one of the great mind snaps. Goalkeeper Sui Weije stepped away from the posts to quench his thirst as Liaoning quickly set up and completed a free kick. To make the situation worse the blunder happened only seven minutes from time and Chongqing, currently locked in a fierce relegation battle, were unable to recover and blew a great chance to post vital competition points.

2. Neymar

Young Brazilian star Neymar is known for his unbelievably light feet and ability to create genuine chances out of nothing. Unfortunately for the now twenty-three –year-old, his career is not without blemish after producing one of the worst penalty efforts of the modern era against South American rivals Colombia in 2012. Neymar does his best to fool Colombian gloveman David Ospina with a delayed run which makes this clip ever better.

3. Fernando Torres

Building quite a reputation for himself during his time at Liverpool, Fernando Torres arrived at Chelsea in 2011 with high hopes of completing the line-up of what was arguably the Premier League’s best roster at the time. Offered a great opportunity to get his side back in the contest when 3-1 down to Manchester United, ‘El-Nino’ produced this…

That wasn’t the only time the Spanish marksman couldn’t deal with an open goal. Youngster Nathan Ake had done all the work but was by no means rewarded for his efforts.

4. David James

English goalkeepers cop a lot of flak for not being up to standard in the world ranks and on more than one occasion, David James did his best to prove all the doubters correct. Wolfsburg striker Zvjezdan Misimovic probably didn’t score an easier goal in his career.

5. William Gallas

A list of embarrassing soccer moments wouldn’t be complete without reference to our own A-League, and there probably hasn’t been a worse botch than that produced by Frenchman William Gallas in 2014. Gallas arrived in Australia, albeit at the back end of his career, from Premier League powers Tottenham Hotspur and was touted by some as the league’s best signing until that point. He certainly didn’t justify those claims, largely as a result of this.