Legendary Lands – $8.33 Into $12,839.03


Everybody dreams of jagging a massive Melbourne Cup trifecta and that is exactly what one of our punters was able to achieve in the 2016 edition of ‘the race that stops a nation’.

A number of punters – myself included – few countless horses into their Melbourne Cup trifectas without a great deal of success, but our savvy Melbourne Cup punter only required three horses to get the job done.

He paid $8.33 to flexi-box up the trio of Almandin, Heartbreak City and Hartnell and it is fair to say that he had the trifecta wrapped up with about 300 metres left to run.

The 2016 Melbourne Cup replay clearly shows that Almandin and Heartbreak City had a clear edge over Hartnell who himself had a clear edge over the rest of the field.

While the majority of onlookers were focused on the battle between Almandin and Heartbreak City in the final stages, our punter could concentrate on nothing but how he planned to spend his $12,839.03!