Awesome AFL Ads


For however long there has been ads on TV, there have always been footy stars starring in them.

The Ladbrokes Blog has taken the time to carefully trawl through YouTube to bring you this fine collection of Aussie Rules Football finest TV ads.

We could have devoted this entire blog to just Four’n Twenty and Dipper’s Dimmey’s commercials but there’s plenty more in the rivers of TV commercial gold to share.

Tony Lockett Advanced Hair

Many a retired sportsman has had the Advanced Hair “Yeah! Yeah!” treatment over the years. The GOAT Tony Lockett even featured in it and if Tony Lockett says it, he means it.

Four’N Twenty Pies Jingle.

Footy and a Four’ n Twenty pie go hand in hand. This ad is arguably the most iconic ad to feature footballers of all time. Featuring an absolute cast of legends of the game such as Bob Skilton, Des Tuddenham, Ted Whitten and Jack Dyer singing the Four’ n Twenty jingle. It’s impossible that this commercial won’t get you craving a pie.


Tip Top Bread 

Good on ya Mum, Tip Top’s the one. Tip Top had a smart marketing strategy in a state by state advertising campaign featuring a footy player and his Mum.

Peter Sumich:

Dermott Brereton:

Andrew Jarman:


Hungry Jack’s – Tony Lockett

Plugger looking fit and healthy these days just doesn’t feel right. Back in the day when Plugger was kicking the tonne season after season, he did it with a sturdy and balanced diet of Whoppers. (look out for the cameo from Derek Kickett)


 Four’N Twenty – Dipper & Ron Barassi

Another one from the Four’N Twenty pie collection. Dipper runs a restaurant where Ron Barassi is his chef. Who wouldn’t want to dine there?

Souvlaki Hut – Kouta 

When Carlton superstar Anthony Koutofiedes retired from football many thought he would go on to be future coach of the Blues. Instead, he opened up a Souvlaki Hut shop with former teammate Ang Christou and this ad featuring Kouta and a Gorilla gets legendary status for all the wrong reasons.


Various – Deon Ormond

The late, great St.Kilda legend Trevor Barker, Grant Thomas, Mick Conlan and Mark Kellett will always be remembered as footballers, not actors. This ad proves why.

Dandenong Plaza – Sam Newman

It’s fair to say Sam Newman got paid a lot of money to even set foot in Dandenong but the good people at Dandenong Plaza shopping centre figured he’d be a good fit to promote the place.

Jonco Shorts – Ted Whitten

Ted Whitten was such a legend that he didn’t even need to use the product he was promoting as this ad from the 1960’s for Jonco shorts shows.

Snickers – Adelaide Crows

Mark Ricciuto and Mark Bickley star in this Snickers ad from the late 90’s. Mildly amusing.


Jack Dyer and Lou Richards – Four ‘n Twenty

We could have done a blog devoted to Four’n Twenty footy ads but here’s another one with the great Jack Dyer and Lou Richards.

Channel 7 Hello Melbourne 1985

Back in 1985, Channel Seven Melbourne thought it would be a great idea to get various footy stars to sing the stations “Hello Melbourne” jingle. Featuring an all-star cast of footy legends, it’s fair to say their talents were best suited for the footy field.

Dimmey’s & Forges – Dipper

If you could associate Dipper with anything it would be Hawthorn, Boundary Rider and Dimmey’s. Dipper’s ads for Dimmey’s are the stuff of legend. Mens Bonds underwear..$8.99!

SunSilk – Collingwood

Matthew Lokan played 46 games for Collingwood, but his appearance in the Sun Silk Base Elements Shampoo ad with his then Collingwood teammates is what he’ll be remembered for.

Name A Game – Ron Barassi

Any footy fan in the 1990’s who bought a VHS tape from Australian Football Video would have seen this ad in the previews. NOT JUST THE HIGHLIGHTS, NOT JUST THE LAST QUARTER BUT 120 OF PURE FOOTBALL ACTION and remember, football can bring the best out in a person.

AFL – I’d Like To See That

Arguably the most iconic footy ad of all time “I’d Like To See That” the series of commercials featured an all-star cast of overseas celebrities promoting AFL. In this commercial, they promote biffo, tight shorts and arguing with the umpire. Reckon the AFL would promote that these days? We’d like to see that.