Donkey Vote: The Democrats Form Guide


After the drama (and stuff up) of Iowa and the close finish in New Hampshire, the race to find the Democratic candidate that will take on the might of Donald Trump come November is on for young and old – literally.

78-year-old Bernie Sanders narrowly beat former Mayor Pete Buttigieg (38 years old) by less than two per cent of the vote with Amy Klobuchar being the surprise third placegetter.

The likes of Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden polled poorly and Andrew Yang pulled the plug on his campaign.

Unlike Australia, when an election is called, we have six weeks of campaigning and then turn up to a sausage sizzle to vote – the race for The White House is a long, drawn-out process.

The results of both Iowa and New Hampshire isn’t going to decide who will take on Trump but it does give us an indication as to whom that might be.

With so many possible outcomes and a highly competitive field – it’s best to study who will be the Democrat that will end up Trump’s opponent.

Bernie Sanders – $2.50


Some say Trump has a cult-like following – so does Bernie Sanders and his loyal band of supporters.

Some say Bernie would make a un-electable candidate – they also said that about Donald Trump.

Could this radical, socialist be the man to beat Trump?

The market has him as favourite and early wins in Iowa (Well that’s what his fans say) and New Hampshire along with his loud and loyal army of supporters might just get him over the line.

Micheal Bloomberg – $3.50

The former New York Mayor has sat out both New Hampshire and Iowa and hasn’t featured in any debates.

Some Democrats – particularly come conference time when the candidate is selected – might be reluctant to back Bernie Sanders and instead go for their own version of a New York Billionaire to run for President.

Pete Buttigieg $6.50

Mayor Pete has performed very well in the early stages in both Iowa – which he has declared victory and came second to Bernie Sanders.

He hasn’t been in the mix to actually be the candidate but he keeps gaining support.

While he’s at $6 to become the candidate, I reckon backing him at $13 to be a possible VP nominee is pretty good value.

Joe Biden – $11

Many (including yours truly) had expected Biden to be the candidate, and he’s still a chance.

However, the former Vice President (to Barack Obama which he frequently reminds people of ) has struggled in Iowa and New Hampshire but its very early days in the grand scheme of things.

At a grassroots level, Biden is losing support to the likes of Klobuchar, Mayor Pete and Bernie Sanders machine.

I wouldn’t write off Biden’s campaign though and at $11 it might be a good outsider bet.

Amy Klobuchar – $17

The Minnesota Senator has been relatively unknown in this race until recently but has polled well in the early stages.

With a third placing in New Hampshire, people are starting to pay attention to Klobuchar’s campaign and money will start flowing in.

Your best value bet on Klobuchar would be to take her at $9 as a possible nominee for Vice President.

Hillary Clinton – $17

It’s surprising that our political traders have Hillary in the mix and the fact she’s at $17 but all signs point to the fact she ain’t even going to put her hand up.

You can rule her out in this market.

Elizabeth Warren – $51

Elizabeth Warren is like Lloyd Christmas right now – there’s still a chance.

Despite being at higher odds than a Hillary Clinton re-run, Elizabeth Warren is still in the race to take on Trump.

The next step, South Carolina could see her gain some ground or pull-out. Somehow, I can’t see this rank outsider in this market going the distance.

Coming Up:

With the US Presidential Election basically being like a sport, there’s a number of small caucuses and primaries being held in the states of Nevada and South Carolina over the next couple of weeks.

Then there’s Super Tuesday on March 4 (which will be on the Wednesday in Australia) where sixteen regions all vote for who they want to be the Democratic Party candidate. We may have an indication as to who will be the frontrunner to take on Trump by then.

The End Game:

Whoever ends up with the nomination has a whole lot of work on their hands in taking on Donald Trump.

Trump is currently $1.57 to win the 2020 Election in November and many experts and pundits expect him to gain four more years in the White House.

Whatever happens from here, the US presidential election is set to be a brutal contest like we haven’t seen before.

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