This Day In Sport – September 13


They say we should use this time to learn something new – so we thought we’d offer up a history lesson free of charge!

We’re going to be recapping all the important sporting moments each and every day on the Ladbrokes Blog.

So if it’s AFL, NRL, Basketball, Cricket, Golf or even Wrestling, be sure to return each morning as we take a trip back through the history books to relive some of the great and important sporting moments in This Day In Sport!

2007 – Video Bill

Coach of the New England Patriots Bill Belichick was fined $500,000 along with the organisation $250,000 for videotaping the New York Jets defensive and offensive signals during the previous weeks 38-14 win.

The NFL came down hard, ordering the team to give up their first-round draft choice in 2008 if they reached the playoffs and second and third-round picks if they didn’t.

It would be the biggest fine handed down by the NFL for a coach and the first time in history that a first round draft pick would be confiscated.

1997 – North v Eagles Classic & Colbert’s Non-Mark

North Melbourne made it through to their fourth consecutive Preliminary Final with a big 13 point win over the West Coast Eagles at the MCG.

The Kangaroos went into half-time trailing by 20 points with the likes of Eagles youngsters Phillip Matera dominating up forward and big man Brendan Fewster causing headaches.

Early third quarter goals from Matera and Ben Cousins put the Eagles up by 32 points and North’s 1997 AFL finals campaign looked to be done and dusted.

Enter Craig Shool and Corey McKernan.

Playing at half-forward, Sholl would kick the ball down to Brett Allison for the next goal and then pumped the ball down to Corey McKernan bringing the margin down to eight points.

West Coast looked to get the game back on their terms early in the last quarter, but some crucial misses from Matera kept North within two goals.

Sholl kicked the first goal of the final quarter, bringing North to under a goal.

Stuart Anderson would kick the next one soon after, putting the Kangaroos infront with all the momentum.

Glenn Freeborn would chip on with a vital goal and while the Eagles pushed again, the one and only Wayne Carey who had been in an epic battle with West Coast’s Glenn Jackovich all day kicked the sealer.

The final score: North Melbourne 15-8 (98) def. West Coast 12-13 (85)

Later that evening in Adelaide, Geelong was eight points up and a controversial umpring decission took place.

Glenn Kilpatrick kicked the ball long inside the Cats forward 50 to which Leigh Colbert ran with the flight to take a brilliant mark.

Although, it wasn’t a mark according to the umpire.

The man in white crossed this arms and called for a ball-up, therefore denying Leigh Colbert a shot at goal.

Geelong would go on to lose the game by eight points with the Crows going on to win the 1997 Premiership.

Two days later, the AFL’s umpiring department confirmed that the decision was wrong.

Many regard it as one of the worst umpiring decissions ever made.

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