10 Celebrities You Would Want In Your Mates Mode Group


Everyone plays a certain role in their punting group. Whether you are the one that picks the shortest leg you can find to buff out the group multi or the bloke that gets really exotic with it, every punting group develops some very unique dynamics that makes betting with mates a lot of fun.

To celebrate the launch of our new Mates Mode social betting feature, we put our heads together and came up with a dream roster of celebrities that would be huge value if they were in your Mates Mode group.

1. Matt Groening

“The Simpsons predicted it.”

How many times have you heard that? It seems like every single time there is a major world event, The Simpsons had a piece about it a decade ago.

The only logical conclusion I can draw is that The Simpsons creator Matt Groening is either a psychic or a time traveler.

Groening and his incredible foresight would be HUGE value in your Mates Mode group.

Let him loose with Melbourne Cup Winners, NRL Premiers, NBA MVPs & AFL Futures bets and watch your pot explode!

2. Elon Musk

Elon would be useful in your Mates Mode group for a couple reasons.

Mainly because he’s a billionaire, Daddy Elon can keep The Pot topped up at all times and wouldn’t bat an eyelid if you lost a few Same Game Multis in a row.

They second reason you’d want him in your Mates Mode group is for that robotic brain of his, give Elon a form guide and he’ll come up with an algorithm that finds a guaranteed winner every time.

I’d be using him for trifectas every Saturday.

3. Drake

Champagne Papi, The 6 God, Aubrey Graham. Whatever you call him, Drake has an incredibly powerful asset that you didn’t know your punting group needed.

“The Drake Curse” is very real and would be very powerful to harness when putting on head to head bets.

For those that haven’t heard of the Drake Curse, almost every time he posts a photo in a teams jersey or puts up a photo with a fighter, they lose.

Conor McGregor, The Raptors and Liverpool are just some of the victims that come to mind when I think of the Drake curse.

Why would you want someone with such bad luck in your Mates Mode group I hear you ask?

So you can back the opposite of what he tips you.

With Drake in your punting group you’d be able to put a head to head bet on comfortably knowing that the big fella is all in on the losers.

4. Will Smith

We know he loves a slap!

Not sure how he’d go with a multi but let him loose in a pokies room and we’re bound to clean up!

5. Kenny Rogers

Kenny gets a call up to my celeb Mates Mode group for his cool head.

He’s The Gambler. He knows when to hold em, when to fold em, when to walk away and when to run.

Kenny would play a huge part in a Mates Mode group, I’d use him to proofread group multis & trifectas and let The Gambler with his sensible betting strategies make the final call on all bets we place.

RIP Big Fella.

6.Vince McMahon

Vince is in my Mates Mode group purely for entertainment value.

Could you imagine watching him ride home a back marker?

To say he’d be up and about would be a monster understatement.

Winning on the punt feels great but having Vince in your group screaming at the TV and getting around the boys would be an incredible feeling.

7. Michael Jordan

The GOAT and the definition of a high roller.

It’s been very heavily documented through out his career that MJ doesn’t mind a bit of wagering.

All MJ ever knew was how to win, he won six NBA Championships for crying out loud.

We need a winner like that in our squad.

The trash talk in the group chat would be phenomenal as well and I’d imagine he’s shouting the cigars if we get up big.

8. Gus Gould

Slightly left field this one but Gus is a well deserved call up to my celeb Mates Mode group.

Gus sees Rugby League a lot differently to everyone and I back him to tip the squad some very exotic NRL legs that would almost always get up.

Not to mention how brutally honest he is.

I could see Gus absolutely ripping group multis to shreds if he didn’t like them.

Imagine the big “NO NO NO NO NO” if you tip someone that isn’t a Bulldogs try scorer.

9. DJ Khaled

All he does is win, and he wins so much he wrote a smash hit about it.

DJ Khaled 100% earns a spot in my Mates Mode group firstly because he’s a winner (see above) and secondly for his motivational speeches.

Go watch any of his thousands of social media videos and I guarantee you walk away feeling motivated.

I need that kind of positive energy and motivation in my punting group and the boys will too.

DJ Khaled with his bet slips: “Another one, another one, another one”

10. Harold Holt

There’s always one bloke in your punting group that buys in but then goes missing.

For that reason, I’ve decided to include the GOAT of ghosting in my Mates Mode group to round us out.

Holty would chip in for The Pot but then ignore all group chat messages and not really worry about what we do with the money.

Sometimes one less opinion with a bit of extra coin is what you need to actually get a couple of bets on.

One things for sure, when the Olympics come round, we’re not getting on any of his swimming legs.